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Apache 2 + SabreDAV + TeamDrive

PostPosted: 06 Mar 2012, 17:22
by broncop
Hi there,

I'm currently evaluating TeamDrive for deployment in a SME environment. The test platform is a OpenVZ container with a 32-bit Debian Squeeze template. I'm using a virtual ethernet connection (venet), so no ARP. I set up SabreDAV 1.6.1 on top of an Apache 2.2 with mod_php. The webdav server is running fine, I can access it over the browser frontend and connect with a common webdav client (Cadaver), add files, delete them etc.

I downloaded the free TeamDrive client on a MS Windows 7 workstation and pointed it to the webdav server. The connection is currently unsecured. All 27 tests were OK and a key was generated. I added some files to my TeamDrive Spaces folder and nothing happened. The build-in TeamDrive Explorer shows the added files but it is not syncing to my webdav server. Then I added another "Space" and put some files in it. A folder named like the Space and two system folders (data and log) were created on the webdav server, but the files in the space are not synced and all folders remain empty. Then I switched to the HTTP-server provided by TeamDrive and, lo, the client started syncing. So I switched back to my webdav server and again: nothing. I hooked up Wireshark and poked a little at the traffic but I can't see anything suggesting webdav is failing.

So, I'm stuck for now. I'm only at it for a few hours now, so there is the distinct possibility I'm missing something crucial. Any pointers are appreciated.


Re: Apache2+SabreDAV+TeamDrive = no cake

PostPosted: 07 Mar 2012, 13:34
by Jabberwocki
Which version of TeamDrive are you using?

You may like to try the new 3.0 Beta:

It can be installed in parallel to TD 2.4.

Re: Apache2+SabreDAV+TeamDrive = no cake

PostPosted: 07 Mar 2012, 19:50
by broncop
I'm using the recent stable release 2.4.something. I'll give the new beta a spin tomorrow. After that I'm also going to remove SabreDav from the equation, reports indicate that Apache's DavFS support is sufficient. KISS and all that jazz ;)

Thanks and regards.

Re: Apache2+SabreDAV+TeamDrive = no cake

PostPosted: 23 Dec 2013, 16:22
by Sebastian Philipp

I've just successfully tested TeamDrive 3.1.3 + Apache 2.4.6 + PHP 5.5.3 + SabreDAV 1.8.7 on my system. If you have a newer configuration, that don't work, then please post your TeamDrive log files into this thread.


Sebastian Philipp