Large file upload

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Large file upload

Postby eli.henson » 05 Aug 2014, 00:53

Situation: we have a space set up for 30GB and I am a space administrator, my account level is the next step up from free (so no upload limit). I am currently uploading a zipped file that is about 17GB. At the start, the space (set up by a colleague) had 8GB used. It has been about 7 hours since I started the upload. I initiated the upload by moving the file into the space on my local PC (so went to the local directory under D:\Users\user\Spaces and dropped the file into the space folder)

1) How do I know the file is being uploaded? The activity log just says that I created the file at a certain time and there appears to be no status bar.
2) The space (after 7 hours) still shows only 8GB being used, shouldn't this change?
3) I keep getting a "Conflicts and Errors" message that says, "Working set full, change in settings." In settings, it is set to unlimited, should I be concered and what does this mean?

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Re: Large file upload

Postby Kenneth » 06 Aug 2014, 13:23

How much free Space do you have on your computer? This corresponds with the working set. The working set is actually the cache used to process files. It sounds like you do not have enough free space on the drive where the TeamDrive database is stored (by default it is in the users "AppData\Roaming" folder on the C: drive) to process the upload. Even though the working set is set to unlimited TeamDrive will not use all available space on your computer to process files, that would cause your computer to crash. Generally speaking TeamDrive uses about half of the working set size.

Also it is good to be aware that before TeamDrive uploads files it encrypts and compresses them. So if you're uploading a 17 GB file then mostly likely about 34 GB or a little less is required. As I mentioned the file is encrypted and then compressed so the compressed version is of course not 17 GB like the original but I doubled the size just for example purposes. In your log file it is possible to see how much space, in bytes, TeamDrive is requesting to process this file. You can look for the number yourself or you can send us your log files and we can have a look to let you know how much you need to free up.

We recommend freeing up the disk on the drive where the TeamDrive database is stored ('C' drive by default). Alternatively you can move the TeamDrive database to another drive that has more available storage. This should only be done video the client. This can be done via "Extras" > "Settings" > "General" > "TeamDrive Cache, Temporary Transfer and Data Location". From there you can change where the database is located. Afterwards TeamDrive will need to be restarted and the upload with continue to be processed.
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