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Sharing a Database

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2020, 10:24
by Kenneth
Our organization currently uses another cloud sync service for sharing an Access database among 5 remote users. We are considering moving away from this service and switching to TeamDrive. Can we share a database using TeamDrive? What difficulties might we encounter with syncing and conflicted data?

Thank you for your interest in TeamDrive.

While TeamDrive is a secure, end-to-end encrypted, data synchronization tool, and it is very possible to sync a database, we highly recommend against using TeamDrive to sync databases. More information regarding TeamDrive best practices can be found here:

It is very likely you will run into version conflicts on a regular basis due to the frequency at which files are being edited in multiple locations and also due to the possibility that some of these files may remain open for extended periods of time.

Thank you for your kind response.

Regarding sharing an Access database, the service we are currently using is not an ideal medium for synchronizing databases either, but we worked out disciplines and communication whereby only 1 person at a time was in the database. The only issue we had was dealing with the service's seemingly random synchronization schedule. But, we learned how to pause syncing while we worked in the database, and resume syncing when we were done.

Will there be similar issues with TeamDrive? That is, synchronizing while we are in the database may cause data conflicts? And if so, is it possible to put the synchronization on hold until we are finished?

We have a feature, which allows you to choose when a Space will be scanned for synchronization. As a default setting, the scan interval is set to automatic. That means anytime changes are detected in a Space, the changes are synchronized with (uploaded to) the server. The client itself usually scans the Space, automatically, every 2-5 minutes. However, the scan interval can be switched from "automatic" to "periodic".

The pre-configured periodic scan intervals are 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day (once a day). Please also be advised that changing the scan interval is a local setting only and not a global one. That means each user with write privileges in the Space needs to enable periodic scanning for the Space(s) in question, per TeamDrive installation. Periodic scanning must also be individually configured per Space.

Just to reiterate things, with "periodic" scan enabled, local changes will generally not be recognized until the time interval has been reached. However, in the same window where you enable periodic scan there is a "commit local changes" button. Pressing this button will trigger a local scan of the Space and upload any changes found.

So, let's say you set the periodic scan interval to 1 hour, but, you would not like to wait before your changes have be uploaded. To trigger a local scan of the Space, and have the local changes uploaded to the server, you simply need to click "commit local changes". The local changes will then be uploaded to the server.

More information regarding the periodic scan feature can be found here: