TeamDrive 4.1.6 (Win/Mac & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 4.1.6 (Win/Mac & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 03 May 2016, 10:34

Version 4.1.6 is a maintennance update and a stable release.
We recommend to update your Teamdrive 4 Clients to this release!

Fixes and Improvements

Desktop Specific

- Corrected issue where Agent would allow login even if the user was deactivated
- TeamDrive 4 now functions on machines running 64-bit Linux Ubuntu 14.04
- Corrected issue where the TeamDrive window would be automatically resized and repositioned
after double clicking on its icon in the dock (OS X) or on the desktop (Windows)
- Improved security and functionality of the WebGUI and also provided a way to disable it

Version 4.1.4
Fixes and Improvements

Desktop Specific
- Improved the Agent’s handling of deleted Spaces; Agent is now able to quit even if there are outstanding events for Spaces that have already been deleted.
- Now possible to send the URL of a published file via the context menu
- Fixed issues that caused TeamDrive to crash during shutdown on OS X

General Client
- Fixed issue where a Space’s status would not be shown as ‘offline’ if the connection to the Internet was lost during startup.
- Fixed automatic trash cleanup bug

==> In case you are still use TD3: TD4 has a new user interface. Great for new users. Immediate Update not required.
We are working on tutorials to show power users the advantages of the new UI.
-> TeamDrive 4 can be installed as an update to TeamDrive 3 (currently available for Windows and Mac OSX)
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