TeamDrive 4.2.1 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 4.2.1 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 06 Sep 2016, 18:07

Version 4.2.1 is a major update and a stable release.
This Version contains the new Softlocking mechanism. (Atomatic and Manual Lock information)

Here is a PDF document which shows the new features
New in TeamDrive 4.pdf
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We recommend to update your Teamdrive 4 Clients to this release!

Version 4.2.1

New Features, Fixes and Improvements

Desktop Specific

* General functionality and stability improvements to the context menu

General Client

* The long awaited "soft-locking" feature is finally here! The "soft-locking"
feature is comprised of two components: "auto-locking" and "manual locking".
Auto-locking generally occurs when a file is opened and edited.*
Manual locking occurs when a user manually locks a file.
Locked files are communicated to all Space members using at least a 4.2.1 client as well as a compatible
server. Manually locked files can be unlocked by other Space members when necessary,
hence the term "soft-locking"
-- attention: soft locking and password protected URL only available when using TeamDrive Cloud or Enterprise Hosting Server. Not availible for TDPS TeamDrive Personal Server or WebDAV --
* Repaired issue causing the wrong activity information to be displayed after
changing the current version of a file
* TeamDrive distributors can now disable the publishing of files
* Fixed bug preventing the publishing of large files
* General server performance improvements
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