TD Outlook AddIn 2.1.33 for Windows

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TD Outlook AddIn 2.1.33 for Windows

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 20 Jun 2019, 15:30

Bug fixes and improvements:

- Fix object reference problem that resulted in file handles being left open to .msg files preventing them from being renamed.
- Meta data added to the email for use by the TeamDrive add-in is now hidden so that it is not visible when printing the unsent email.
- The hidden meta data in now encrypted so that if it is sent to recipient by mistake it will not be readable.
- Fixed a bug that could result in the add-in failing to add a comment to attached files in TeamDrive when sending an email that had been saved as a draft.
- Fixed a bug that could lead to a space going offline if an attachment was added with the publish name being blank.
- TeamDrive and the Outlook AddIn 2.1.33 do not crash when files with an empty publish name or RTF files where added **

** Support advise: In case your Space, which is connected with your Outlook AddIn, is constant offline, after the Update you need to restore that Space locally. We are happy to provide remote support in such cases.
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