Teamdrive 4 - total space storage size

Teamdrive 4 - total space storage size

Postby sensei_john » 25 Dec 2019, 13:39

I have been a user of Teamdrive 3 for years (and version 2 before that). I have only just converted mylaptop to use Version 4 and now have a question about how to display the total storage across all my spaces.

On version 3 I could see immediately on the main user interface page how much of my space allowance I was using. This was very useful but I have been unable to find how to do this with Version 4.

I have several Spaces, some of which are shared with others. I also access a small number of Spaces that are owned by others.

I can see how much storage is occupied by EACH Space but not the TOTAL out of my space allowance across all of my Spaces. Am I missing something?
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Re: Teamdrive 4 - total space storage size

Postby Kenneth » 08 Jan 2020, 11:09

Click on "active Spaces", hover the mouse over the Space and click on "i" and then click on "size and files" to see the size of the Space.

To see the size of the depot the Space is stored on, click on "server" instead of "size and files".
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