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Version 3 preferred - consumes less resources

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2019, 19:07
by rjm
I have been trying both version options for download (V3.2.x and V4.6.x) for Linux. The 4.6 client uses at least approx. 370 MB while idle in the background. The 3.2.x-version uses approx. 85 MB. For me, that's a reason to install 3.2.2.

However, Spaces onto the server that were created using 4.6 cannot be operated with 3.2. The reverse, however does operate. So I created another Space using the v3 client, in the hope that it would allow usage according to personal preferences, also regarding the GUI appearance.
However, the older format cannot be used in a web browser. That's a drawback, of course. I didn't test yet on portable devices.

Any comments to the resources usage resp. compatibility issues?