Copying full file path

Copying full file path

Postby Bayron.Gutierrez » 25 Oct 2019, 10:16

Good day all,

We were wondering if there might be the possibility to add a feature within TeamDrive client to copy the entire directory path for a folder/file.

As you know, users create a lot of Spaces, and within the spaces, folders/subfolders can grow to a point, where it is hard to sort through the files.

We would like to have a feature within the TD client, where after one creates/finds the desired folder/file, one can copy the entire folder/file path (including folder/file name and type) to where then one can then just simply paste it, let's say in to an email to share with others.

This way, sharing not the actual file, but just a the full folder/file path as a reference.

Mac/Windows Operating Systems offer this option when one right-clicks on the folder/file and it works ok, but it doesnt actually allow to also copy the file name and type.

Also, we have had instances where if the file hasn't been fully uploaded to TD (as a result no fully synchronised to other users), then it would be easier to just copy the full path from the TD client itself and provide it to other users as a reference.

This would even work better adding the entire file path with a hyperlink. Users would then just click on the shared link, and they would be taken directly into the file without having to sort through Spaces/folder/subfolders/files, etc.

Thank you and I hope this makes sense.

Looking forward for your feedback!

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Re: Copying full file path

Postby Kenneth » 25 Oct 2019, 11:06

Thank you for your suggestion.

As of now, double clicking on the folder (or the parent folder of the file) in TeamDrive shows the file in the local file system. From there the direct path can be copied.
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Re: Copying full file path

Postby Bayron.Gutierrez » 25 Oct 2019, 11:30

Hi Kenneth,

Thank you again for the prompt response.

I am finding a lot of good information on this forum.

Looking forward for new features on the next version of Team Drive.

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