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TD Client 4.6.6 2205 in Amazon Workspace

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2019, 12:14
by sizer
Here is my setup:
I use a Windows instance running in Amazon Workspaces. I don't have admin rights but I can install TeamDrive client to sync my files.
Previously everything worked like a charm, but after I updated to the latest client 4.6.6 2205 I keep getting the error message that the space is offline. In fact all spaces are offline.

On the other hand, on my local computer installation everything works just fine.

Appreciate your constructive feedback.

Re: TD Client 4.6.6 2205 in Amazon Workspace

PostPosted: 23 Jan 2019, 11:42
by Kenneth
Seems like a network issue. You need to whitelist our URLs:

- teamdrive**
- **
- **


I'm not sure how you do that in Amazon Workspaces. No experience with that service.

Re: TD Client 4.6.6 2205 in Amazon Workspace

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2019, 12:16
by sizer
Good point Kenneth.
At the moment I don't know how to verify if the domains are whitelisted.

Anyhow, I started looking into the network setup - the AWS setup uses a proxy. In the configuration of the client I selected the 'system proxy' radio button and clicked apply. Connection restored!
I assume the most recent client installation defaults to no proxy which messed it up. But I didn't go back now to very this.

On the downside, I need to rejoin all spaces on the AWS side because I get the new error that the space has been deleted on the server (for all spaces).

Re: TD Client 4.6.6 2205 in Amazon Workspace

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2019, 08:52
by Kenneth
"Space deleted on the server" is not an error message. It is a status message and if this is the status then the Spaces must have been deleted on the server. The client would not return this message if it could not find the Spaces. If it could not find the Spaces it would simply display the status "offline". Please check with the Space owner(s) to see if the Spaces were deleted. The status "Space deleted on server" will be the same on all computers connected to these Spaces.