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TeamDrive 4 user interface

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2015, 12:52
by p99
Dear TeamDrive Developers,

first of all - thank you for a great service. I signed up for this forum specifically in order to comment on the user interface and changes to TeamDrive client version 4, as my experiences are similar to my colleagues, who also use TeamDrive on regular basis, and I would like to see TeamDrive being successful.

TeamDrive 4 is very unintuitive and a tremendous step-back from version 3. The "minimalistic" approach hides and takes away advanced functions, as well as is very difficult to navigate. I am a user of Linux, Windows and Mac, and even I have difficulty to understand what is going on. (And I'm a very experienced user!)

The user interface looks like something designed for a tablet. However, I loaded TeamDrive 4 on a Windows 8.1 tablet, and it does not work well there either - the text is too small to comfortably read, not to mention clicking on small buttons or links. In addition, TeamDrive is supposed to be a cross-platform service, which is to be used on desktops as well. This is where TeamDrive 4 fails with it's current interface. I'm happy to provide screen-shots, if necessary.

I am back to version 3 for now. However, if version 3 stops working, I, as well as my colleagues, will have to switch to another service, unfortunately. Please, do not destroy a great product by re-inventing the wheel, or worse, by taking away features.

Re: TeamDrive 4 user interface

PostPosted: 25 Aug 2015, 17:52
by Kenneth
Hi p99,

Thanks for you honest message. We apologize if TeamDrive 4 causes you/has caused you any inconvenience.

The features of TeamDrive 3 are very much still in TeamDrive 4. A big plus to TeamDrive 4 is its file system integration which know allows you to interact with TeamDrive, as well as perform TeamDrive actions, directly via the file system.

If fonts are too small you can very easily increase the zoom percentage on the settings menu.

TeamDrive 4's functionality is explained here in our new user's manual:

Again, the advanced functions of TeamDrive 3 are still available in TeamDrive 4 and what has not been implemented yet, will be implemented in the coming releases.

Re: TeamDrive 4 user interface

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2015, 12:41
by p99
Dear Kenneth,

thanks for getting back to me. Few issues to consider, nonetheless:

->The "zoom" feature is not adequate enough with the current design. I'd be glad to provide tablet screenshots to show the "zoomed" TeamDrive 4 against other programs - TeamDrive 4 is still too small.

->The days of reading manuals/books on how to use software are long-gone. This mode of thinking is very 1990's, when a user would spend hours reading how to use the software. If the user interface is not intuitive/ergonomic, users simply move on to a better product. This was the key success of Apple with their software (it just works: no need to learn) and failure of Microsoft with Windows 8 (people could not understand the logic behind the lack of Start menu, or the full-screen size of the Start menu).

I looked through the forum and it looks like myself and my colleagues are not the only ones who cannot understand your current product.

So, thank you for the link to the manual, but most users expect software to work and have no time for manuals to use basic features of the product. Please keep in mind, that (for example) I had no need to read anything to start using TeamDrive 3, whereas I need to read a lengthy manual to do the same things in version 4.

Re: TeamDrive 4 user interface

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2015, 13:06
by Kenneth
Hi p99,

Thanks again for your feedback.

It would be more than appreciated if you could provide screenshots. We will continue to work to make TeamDrive more transparent for the user.

Re: TeamDrive 4 user interface

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2015, 11:53
by p99
Dear Kenneth,

here are few screen-shots for your consideration, taken on Windows 8.1 tablet, screen resolution 1920x1200:

Screenshot 1&2: with setting "change the size of all items" to 200% in Windows preferences. This means that TeamDrive 4 does not change in accordance with Windows settings. Result: other applications are visibly larger, TeamDrive 4 is significantly smaller (on touch interface it makes TeamDrive 4 unusable). For comparison: Firefox & Windows Explorer. Clicking on small links such as "more" using touch interface is a difficult task, requires at least few tries each time.

Screenshot 3&4: the same tablet computer, the same resolution, but Windows "change the size of all items" set to "default". Some fonts used (only by) TeamDrive remain significantly smaller than others. For comparison: Windows Explorer vs TeamDrive 4.

Additional remarks:
* there is no indication that the user can scroll through settings. There are no scroll bars, or no arrow pointing down. I just (accidentally) found out that I can scroll for more settings!
*default window size for the application is too small. Most words/sentences are cut. For example, screenshot2: "Delay after A...1minute".
*TeamDrive is a file synchronisation service, not an AOL instant messenger. Keeping the application so small makes little sense: a.) creates clutter - too many things in one small window, b.) makes the app difficult to use on touch-enabled devices.
*I have no idea why are first two letters of my name in the blue circle in the middle. It's not a full username, it's not my full name either... What?

Surprisingly, TeamDrive 3 is quite easy and ergonomic to use, regardless if I'm on a desktop or on a tablet.
PS. Some things I erased for security/privacy reasons.

Re: TeamDrive 4 user interface

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2015, 15:26
by Kenneth
You can also make the actual window larger. It is also possible to switch to a landscape view via the advanced options on the settings screen.

Thank you for your screen shots. I am able to reproduce some of the issues you have reported. I will pass this information along to our developers.