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Space - Status: Offline

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2014, 02:58
by toaal
Hello. I've searched for awhile to this solution, but cannot find one. Its a shame because I wanted to purchase Teamdrive for greater use, but I've been having problems with it today.

Its quite simple. I open Teamdrive client and all of my spaces have a cancelled icon, and display the message Status: Offline.
The status shows that files are currently in transfer, but apparently Teamdrive cannot complete this because the spaces are offline.

Any ideas everyone? I cant seem to upload or download from my online version of the spaces! I need my files!
I've tried restarting, using different internet, disabling firewalls etc etc... and its been working fine for a week or two.. and now, today.. this suddenly happens.
Not made any recent changes to my computer's settings or anything like that.

Would appreciate the help. Thank you.

Re: Space - Status: Offline

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2014, 13:43
by Kenneth
It sounds like you are having problems with the network and TeamDrive cannot access the host server. Is there anything blocking the connection? Are you using a proxy or firewall? Is TeamDrive whitelisted in your proxy or firewall settings? Are you using a TeamDrive Personal Server to host your data?

Again, from what you describe, your client cannot not connect to the host server. That most likely has something to do with your connection settings or the network you are using. You mentioned having success using different internet connections. If the synchronization works using internet connections without firewalls or proxies then it definitely sounds like a network issue.