Different spaces in WebClient and desktop client

Different spaces in WebClient and desktop client

Postby AndreasT » 15 Nov 2018, 14:16

Why do I see different spaces in the desktop client and the webclient of my account. I was looking for a space in the webclient which I couldn't find in the desktop client. There I found it but it was locked for browser access (which I could not change because I cannot find the space in my desktop client) :roll:
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Re: Different spaces in WebClient and desktop client

Postby Kenneth » 22 Nov 2018, 11:41

When you create a new Space, all of your active devices are invited to said Space. If you remove said Space from one of your devices, it does not remove them from your other devices nor from the server. If you delete a Space from the server, the Space is removed from all devices. With that said, the Space you are looking for is most likely still on the server but not visible on the device you are looking at. You need to import the Space and activate it.

To import the Space open the TeamDrive and:

- go to settings
- backup
- import > import from server
- go back to the main view and click on "inactive Spaces" (you should find the Space there)
- activate the Space
- go to "active Spaces" and it should be listed as one of your active Spaces.
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