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Postby benmazzotta » 14 Feb 2009, 17:09

Dear TeamDrive,

I'm taking a test drive of your solution. I use more than one email address. How do I create multiple profiles on a single desktop installation of TeamDrive? Is it possible to download the PDF user manual in English? I didn't see full documentation on your site. Thanks-
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Postby volkeroboda » 15 Feb 2009, 23:16

you can install TeamDrive for all users on your PC and run different users versions, one in each PC user account. Each new user can run on a different. If you switch the PC user on your PC you can start a different TeamDrive User. This means that you can use different usernames and email adresses on one PC

An other possibility will be an installation of TeamDrive on a removable drive (USB Drive). We will release the removable installer shortly. This would require a manual shut down of the running instance of TeamDrive before you start a different TeamDrive Installation from the USB Drive. This means that you could have your private username and TeamDrive installation on a secure USB-Drive. Shut down your business TeamDrive user installation, attach your USB Drive, start TeamDrive from the USB-Drive and no private data will ever be stored an your business PC if you use Ceedo, U3, PortableApps or other enviroments.

Does this answer your questions?

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