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Is it possible to check upload status?

PostPosted: 21 May 2015, 00:37
by jochen

The agent documentation says about uploading a file:
"putFile(spaceId, path, data)
Uploads a file into a Space. The file creation is done asynchronously, a successful return code does not
indicate a successful import. Use getFiles() to request the current state of that file."

The getFiles documentation is:
getFiles(spaceId, filePath, trashed)
Returns a list of files matching Space Id, file path and trashed flag.
• spaceId (int) – The Id of the Space
• filePath (str) – the path of the file in the Space.
• trashed (bool) – Is the file in the trash?
Return type list[dict]
Raises httplib.HTTPException a Connection Error.

How is the status information encoded? Will the function return just an empty list or will there be information like (upload in progress)?