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TeamDrive 3 Agent

Postby PromotheusAdmin » 27 Dec 2015, 10:39

Hello All

I would like to use TeamDrive 3 Agent on a station that will have a sync running in background, But as we installed and setup team drive with Teamdrive 4, when trying to install TeamDrive 3 Agent on the required station, I get a message informing me that it cannot connect to the database because DB was created with Team Drive4.

Is there a TeamDrive 4 Agent??

How do I get TeamDrive 3 Agent to work with Team drive 4 Database and allow Sync to Client?

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Re: TeamDrive 3 Agent - TeamDrive 4 Agent

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 27 Dec 2015, 16:06

It is not possible to downlgrade from TeamDrive 4 back to TeamDrive 3. You could deinstall TeamDrive 4 and do a fresh TeamDrive 3 Agent install.

Good news. Our TeamDrive 4 Agents are almost ready. Please send a request to and they will send a the latest TeamDrive 4 Agent news and download URL for the Beta Program
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