Problem with activation

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Problem with activation

Postby fmoussous » 21 Jul 2011, 01:08


Here is my problem:
- I was using teamdrive with no problem on my computer.
- I wanted to use another user account, so I fully de-installed teamdrive, and re-installed the new version.
- When launching teamdrive, I created the new account, clicked on the activation link in the email (the page tells me that the activation is OK)
- Then when I try to check invitations, an error window appears that tells that my registration has been deleted from the registration server and that I neeed to restart teamdrive to re-activate. Then teamdrive shuts down.
- When I restart it I need to put back my login and password
- Then a message tells me "There is an existing teamdrive installation on this device!". I have to check "Deactivate existing teamdrive installation for this device and user." (or else teamdrive just shuts down).
- Then the activation email is sent again. I click the link, and it seems to work but the problem is still there : when I check invitations the error window appears again.

I did it three or four times, and always the same scenario.

What should I do?
I read somewhere to try to put scannStart=0 in TeamDrive.ini but it doesn't change anything.
I also thought it might be due to the fact that I was using teamdrive before with another username? So I also tried to de-install again, delete everything named teamdrive in the registry, as well as in appdata folder and teamdrive spaces, and install again, with no success.
I also tried to create another local user account on my PC. But the problem is just the same!

My config:
Windows 7
Teamdrive 2.4.117

I hope someone will help!

If it can solve the problem to juste delete the account I don't mind because I haven't been able to use this account yet.
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Re: Problem with activation

Postby volkeroboda » 26 Jul 2011, 18:49


it looks like that you was running into one server problem which we have had on that date. When you still have the same problem please contact the TeamDrive support by mail.

best regards

Volker Oboda
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Re: Problem with activation

Postby fmoussous » 27 Jul 2011, 11:18

It now works indeed!
Thank you for answering!
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