Latest TD 4.2.0 on iOS: crash on start

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Latest TD 4.2.0 on iOS: crash on start

Postby paulreddy » 08 Aug 2016, 06:42

Upgraded both TD (4.2.0) and iOS (9.3.4).

Now when I run TD, I get the following message:
Cannot access Database: unable to update database tables.

The app immediately crashes.
This is on an iPad - with latest of everything.

Does anyone else have a similar issue, or have any ideas as to how to get around it?
(Note - I guess I could delete and reinstall, but I'm hoping to avoid having to redownload
10GB of data).

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Re: Latest TD 4.2.0 on iOS: crash on start

Postby Kenneth » 08 Aug 2016, 12:50

It seems like there is a problem with the database. Since it is no longer possible to manually locate and send us the log files without a developer account, you will, unfortunately, have to uninstall and reinstall the client.
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