TeamDrive 4.3.2 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 4.3.2 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 16 Mar 2017, 16:51

Version 4.3.2 is a minor update and a stable release.

Recommended, because it enables the support of the new TeamDrive WebClient, which we will provide via a public beta program.
Many improvements for the HTML Interface in the Agent/WebClient

Release Notes for 4.3.2.
New Feature
[TDCLIENT-2184] - Space Attribute "No Web Browser allowed" or something like this
[TDCLIENT-2542] - Add support for OutLook add-in
Improvements in the Agent/WebClient HTML Interface
[TDCLIENT-2546] - Add restore-space function
[TDCLIENT-2550] - Import key repositories
[TDCLIENT-2551] - Add perform-backup function
[TDCLIENT-2552] - Restore from backup
[TDCLIENT-2556] - Filtering of activities
[TDCLIENT-2557] - Allow download of previous file versions or deleted files
[TDCLIENT-2559] - Can't upload new file versions via the webportal
[TDCLIENT-2570] - Email notification - add space name in subject line for immediate mails
Bug fixes
[TDCLIENT-2447] - Agent: Show Space's path on Space information/details screen
[TDCLIENT-2567] - Overlays and context menues missing from windows mapped drives

The TeamDrive Release 4.3 implemented big improvements to the user interface (UI) in the desktop client software. The result is a more intuitive
work and less clicks.

Build 1654
- fixed a bug wich halted the sync in some situations

Release Notes TD 4.3.1
New Features
- Multi select for deleting file versions
- On Mac OS, Detect "moves" from file to dir and vice versa (resolving the ".pages"/".numbers" problem)
- Uploading open files, which are modified, after 15 minutes or manually via the tray icon
- New features in the TD4 Agent HTML UI, (Add new Server, SetPath, ...)

Fixes and Improvements
- improved Error Messages
- added context menus on network drives
- Restrict publishing of files, which are marked as "invalid path/filename"
- TDPv3: Restore log position now evaluated by client
- fixed current version info (incorrect when automatic downloads are not enabled)

Release Notes TD 4.3.0
Fixes and Improvements
General Client
* General improvements to invitation window (easier invitation process)
* Added the ability to inspect (view the information) files located in the trash
* Added a menu item to the context menu, which allows users to download the current
version of a file if the current version has not already been downloaded
* Improved general functionally of log poller downloader tasks run by the client
* Fixed issue, which blocked the ability to enter text into text fields, while
large amounts of data were being synchronized
* Fixed "0 files uploading" text seen on the activities screen after publishing
a large file
* When sending a Space invitation it is now possible to set the default join mode
for all invitation recipients; a key feature for having users automatically join large Spaces
as meta-data only

Desktop Specific
* Greatly Improved context menu functionality
* Added new overlay icon to show if a file's version in the file system is
not up to date
* Added ability to completely enable/disable synchronization via the
TeamDrive system tray icon
* Changed the default Space path on MacOS to the user home directory, to avoid iCloud side
* Added a button to move (copy) an existing Space root path back to the default path.
* The new default Space path can now be any path (no Space Folder added)
* Added a button to move (copy) an existing Application/Cache path back to the default path.
Mobile Specific
* On iOS it is now possible to share files with TeamDrive using iOS's built-in
file sharing mechanism; TeamDrive can now be added to the share list
* Added new synchronization options, which allow users to configure which
internet connection must be present, in order for TeamDrive to synchronize data and also
to configure when files should be automatically updated (cellular or WiFi and WiFi only)
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