Inactive Spaces

The “Inactive Spaces” tab displays all deactivated and imported Spaces.

Inactive Spaces are Spaces, which have had their synchronization disabled. A deactivated Space still appears in the local file system (if the files were already there before the Space was deactivated) and navigation through the Space is still possible, however, the Space will no longer be actively synced with the server. With that said, deactivated Spaces will not be locally updated until the Space has been reactivated.

Imported Spaces and deactivated Spaces are both displayed under the section “Inactive Spaces”. If deactivated and imported Spaces are displayed in the list at the same time, the deactivated Spaces will always be the uppermost Spaces in the list and will be separated from the imported Spaces by a small gap. The imported Spaces will also be ‘colorless’, i.e. they will have a pale gray tone.
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