TD 4.1 & IIE 8.5 problems

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TD 4.1 & IIE 8.5 problems

Postby hanneshar » 28 Oct 2015, 20:34


I'm running a WebDAV server on a MS server 2012r2 with an IIE 8.5. With my login credentials I have no problems to establish a connection via for example Win7.

Reading the board comments I've entered the MIME type to „application/webdav“ and the file ending to „.“.

Indeed, TD connected to my WebDAV server and the first branch of files were successfully uploaded from PC A and downloaded/synced by PC B. When I've copied a second load of files in the space of PC A only the directories were established but the files inside were not uploaded. In a similar way PC B copied only the directories without the files in it's space locally.

Next, I've deleted the space on the server via TD on PC A. This operation was successful.

However, when I now try to generate a new space on PC A with the same configuration I receive the error (German) message

"Fehler beim Erzeugen des Servers: Mögliche Fehlerursache: keine Internetverbindung, Server nicht erreichbar oder falscher Benutzernamen/Password".

Basically in English: error generating the server, potential reason: no connection, Server not accessible or wrong user/password.

Mmmmhhhh, now I have no idea left over. Has anybody an idea what I can modify to run TD on IIE 8.5?

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