Cant see files

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Cant see files

Postby timdalmau » 16 Aug 2014, 03:57

I have successfully (it seems) installed TeamDrive on my computer and invited a colleague in the USA to join TeamDrive on his computer. He has done so, and can view the folder names I have shared but they are empty. He has allowed days go by without any change to the situation.

Both computers are Macs running OSX 10.9

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Cant see files

Postby Kenneth » 18 Aug 2014, 13:17

Do you both create Spaces with the same name or did one of you create Spaces and invite the other into the Space? When you click on a Space, in the window on the right "Space Information" you will see a Space ID number. The ID numbers are how the Spaces are identified on the server. If the IDs are different then you and your colleague and working with two different Spaces that have the same name, locally, but are different on the server.
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