Java upgrade

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Java upgrade

Postby 3rensho » 29 Jan 2016, 09:38

I'm running Slackware64-current and recently upgraded to Java version jdk-8u71. After upgrading the TD client works but the upload status bar no longer does. That is when an upload was in progress (prior to the upgrade) I would see a % upload bar next to the file name that was being uploaded. Now I just get a solid line. The upload appears to work fine and in the bottom right corner of the gui I have an up arrow during the upload to indicate that it is indeed happening. Is there a fix in the works for this??
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Re: Java upgrade

Postby Kenneth » 29 Jan 2016, 14:28

It is not clear what you are referring to. I can only assume you are referring to the "activities" view. I believe this is the only screen where it is or may be possible to see any percentages. Based on your description it also sounds like you are using TeamDrive 3, which will continue to be supported for the near future but will no longer be updated/developed. Further development on our part will only involve TeamDrive 4. Also, TeamDrive does not use JAVA at all, so I am not about the described behavior.
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