Unknown symbol in taskbar Ubuntu/Xfce

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Unknown symbol in taskbar Ubuntu/Xfce

Postby Rollo27 » 27 Jul 2016, 11:46


in my Ubuntu 14.04 / Xfce system I have installed the latest version of TeamDrive 4 yesterday, even on Android 4.4.4. The system works, Linux and Android devices are synchronized well. But there are two mistakes:

- The autostart I had to install manually. I selected the "create autostart" box while installation, but it does not work. Okay, no problem to do it.

- After the start, a symbol appears in the task bar. One can click and use it well, but it is only an "unknown symbol". I have installad the prog in ~/Software/Teamdrive (default ist ~/Teamdrive), and now there are a couple of symbols too. Why they aren't used?

Sorry for my English, I speak German.

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Re: Unknown symbol in taskbar Ubuntu/Xfce

Postby Kenneth » 28 Jul 2016, 13:45

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for your feedback. I will forward this information to my colleagues, who are more familiar with the Linux platform so we can work on solutions for these issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope, despite the visual mishaps, everything is syncing just fine.

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