OpenSuse Leap 42.3 Browsers won't display localhost:45454

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OpenSuse Leap 42.3 Browsers won't display localhost:45454

Postby christomonte11 » 27 Aug 2018, 00:25

Hi, have 2x Laptops both Lenovo Thinkpad Workstations, both OpenSuse Leap 42.3 installed, however on one I do software dev work, so it has not exactly the same libraries as his "sibling". So Laptop A is my dev machine with some Tumbleweed C++ stuff, and Laptop B is pure OpenSuse Leap 42.3.

Downloaded 2x the tar.gz from TeamDrive website and installed in ~/opt/teamdrive on both Laptops, A and B. In ~/.teamdrive/teamdrive.settings wrote [Settings] http-api-port=45454 and http-api-type=tcp as recommended in the PDF manual. Started TeamDrive deamon using ~/opt/teamdrive/teamdrived.bin & on both Laptops.

Laptop B lets me view http://localhost:45454 in default browser Firefox Quantum 60 -- however, not so Laptop A. Laptop A's Firefox offers me to **DOWNLOAD** a broken HTML file (one can see in Vim, that the Angular.js directives are not done in the file, so you get {{ TeamDrive | t1 }} Mustache-like things viewing it in a Browser as a local file, anyway. Same offer to download a broken HTML file when going to http://localhost/45454 in chromium, opera, vivaldi, konqueror (btw. its KDE Plasma, not Gnome).

Q.: How could I go about solving this problem? Worked 8 hrs on this problem, out of ideas ..

Thanks for hearing my case. M.
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Re: OpenSuse Leap 42.3 Browsers won't display localhost:4545

Postby jl-td » 07 Sep 2018, 14:56

are there any error messages visible in the browser console on Laptop A? (On Firefox: F12, then select the "Console" tab)
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