No login / no start - emergency

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No login / no start - emergency

Postby melina » 30 Oct 2017, 11:30

as i wanted to start today with teamdrive on my pc, i was very surprised to be asked to log-in. I didn't succeed to remember my password, so I choose a new password.
But this actually didn't solve the problem, because I got now the information : "database link" couldn't be reach.
I have backups from my spaces, so i could backup. But TeamDrive doesn't even open - it closes automatically right after the error message.
What should I do ?
thank you very much
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Re: No login / no start - emergency

Postby melina » 30 Oct 2017, 12:34

i found this in the log files :

17-10-25 09:35:36.408 [Critical] SCHED1 CSynchronizerTask-8 CDBGlobal.cpp:CDBGlobal::checkSqlError(42) ConnectionError: [11] database disk image is malformed Impossible de récupérer la ligne
17-10-25 09:35:36.408 [Assert] SCHED1 CSynchronizerTask-8 CGlobal.cpp:tdPrintAssert(107) ASSERT: "conn_ok && query_ok" in file CDBConnection.cpp, line 553
17-10-25 09:35:36.409 [Critical] SCHED1 CSynchronizerTask-8 CDBQuery.cpp:CDBQuery::execute(366) execute failed: INSERT INTO tbl_log (SpaceID, UserID, DeviceID, AddressID, Type, Flags, Date, Time, ParentLogID, DetailID1, DetailID2, DetailID3, DetailID4) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

i would be very thankfull for any help !
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Re: No login / no start - emergency

Postby Kenneth » 06 Nov 2017, 09:51

If this disk image is malformed there could possibly be an issue with your local hard drive. I would recommend generally backing up all data on your hard drive and consider using some applications to test your hard drive for errors or to repair your hard drive.

Hard drive malfunctions, the computer crashing, not properly shutting down TeamDrive can cause the TeamDrive database to become malformed. In such cases, the database becomes so malformed, that the application is unable to run. You need to uninstall and reinstall TeamDrive. However, I would recommend that you first make sure the hard drive is okay, otherwise you will encounter the same issue at some point.
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