Can't connect to TDPS

Can't connect to TDPS

Postby domaris » 05 Dec 2011, 17:51

Hi everyone, I've installed TDPS on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and SuSE Linux 11.3 according to the installation instructions provided in the manual. Basically, I've stuck to the standard settings. I've also installed the TeamDrive client on various systems, among others Mac OS X, SuSE Linux 11.3 and Windows XP. The server is running an listening on port 37655, here is what watch_tdsp has to say:
111205 15:40:22 TeamDrive Personal Server, version 1.0.045 (CSLib 1.0.0(Built May 31 2011 10:57:45)), running as "userX"
Command line: ./tdpsd
111205 15:40:22 [Note] License key repository space limit: 10GB
111205 15:40:22 [Note] TeamDrive Personal Server listening on port 37655

Here is the output of netstat:
tcp 0 0* LISTEN

I can telnet to port 37655, so there is no firewall access problem. However, when I try to generate an access key for my server as described in the manual, I only get the error message "Can't connect to host". (Actually, I'm not sure if this is the exact wording of the english error message, as I use a German version, but this is what the German "Host-Verbindung fehlgeschlagen" means :).) I've tried several server/client-combinations,all of which are in the same local network.

I'd appreciate any ideas you might have!
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