manual decrypt server files

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manual decrypt server files

Postby simon_c » 12 Mar 2012, 14:56


I'm looking at the personal server for team drive, and have a question.

One of the reasons to use the personal server is to get at my files if the company behind team drive disappears, goes bust, or one of the many other things that can happen to cloud providers. But, the data on the server is encrypted. (good)

Given that I control the client and the server, is there a manual way I can decrypt the data without needing a connection to TeamDrive ?

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Re: manual decrypt server files

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 15 Mar 2012, 19:09

To decrypt the files you need a TeamDrive client and you must be a member of the Space.

Many companies define policies that employees have to invite a central Administator into each Space. You can install a TeamDrive Client on your own server i.e. with an admin account and receive the invitations from your employees. Each invitation contains the encryption/decryption keys for the individual Space.

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