how to establish tdps?

how to establish tdps?

Postby rogro » 14 Nov 2014, 23:23


we want to use the Teamdrive personal server service. Our it infrastructure is the following:

Our local pc's are connected with our Windows 2008 Server, where we save our files.
On this Server we installed the Teamdrive personal Server software. The Installation of the software was successfull and we configured it with the static ip adress from our Server, which we recieved from our telecom provider. I was able to successfully ping the Server from a pc outside the network. From this pc i was also able to create a new space with the Teamdrive Client on the tdps.
Since we dont want to use the teamdrive client on the pc's in our office (we only want to connect the pc's outside our office) we installed the teamdrive client on our Server, too. Unfortunately i was not able to configure the personal server on this Client correctly. As the tdps-url i tried to use the same ip adress I mentioned before. If I then try to connect the server I get the Response "zeitüberschreitung".
If i use "localhost" for the Client i am able to creat the Connection - without changing the configuration of the tdps. But unfortanetly this configuration does not if i invite Clients to this space (because they are not able to get connection to the Server localhost).
Can you give me advice how to set up the System correctly?
Thank you very much
Yours, Robert
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Re: how to establish tdps?

Postby Sebastian Philipp » 08 Dec 2014, 14:46

Hi Robert,

if I understand you network correctly, you will need to be able to access your server by using the external IP, unfortunately.

The background is that the same Space url is used by all clients in that Space.

Best Regards,

Sebastian Philipp
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