Migrating space from TeamDrive server to personal server

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Migrating space from TeamDrive server to personal server

Postby GagoX » 06 Jul 2017, 12:05


could anyone point me to documentation on how to migrate a space from teamdrive's servers to a personal server?

I ran out of storage space on a Space located in Teamdrive servers and it is not syncing anymore. I have set up a personal server which is running Teamdrives' personal server software, and would like to move the space to this new location.

It is very likely that some members of this Space have added new file versions and new files to the space and these have not synced so far.

It would be great if one could just change the location of the space from the teamdrive's server to the new personal server and that synchronization starts automatically between all members. Can this be done?

Thank you and best regards.

PS: I am using the test versions of the TD client 4.3.2 and of the TDPS 1.1.069 (Linux ARM-32bit) in a Synology DS216j disk station. The server and TDPS are set up and runnning smoothly (a test space has been placed and is syncing correctly between members)
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Re: Migrating space from TeamDrive server to personal server

Postby Kenneth » 11 Jul 2017, 09:33

Due to encryption, migration is not possible. The data needs to be uploaded to the new server. Please also update your TeamDrive client to the latest version. The latest version can be found on our website.
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