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Connection to Personal Server

Postby calvin » 01 Aug 2017, 11:34


I got a problem with a newly installed TeamDrive Personal Server(

License is the demo 10GB. Hostname is set to ip address of the computer, port is standard and password is set. Firewall rule was automatically created.
I now try to connect to the server via Portable Client to this server. When i try to create a new server i select "TeamDrive Personal Server", enter the password of the server and it's ip address (tried with and without http://).

My problem is, that the only server reaction is to tell me that i entered the wrong password -> checked that multiple times even copy&pasted it.

Trying to check connectivity by http:/ip:37655/ping.xml gives a 200 Ok response.

Thanks in advance and Best regards

EDIT: Found the "problem". My password did contain an "§" sign. Are special characters not allowed ?
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