"Set File Data" triggered for all files

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"Set File Data" triggered for all files

Postby Boni » 05 Apr 2015, 16:56

I am wondering what this activity "set file data" does.

I am a free user, currently using a Linux (at home) + PortableApps (at school) set up. When I was running PortableApps version last week, thousands of "Set file data" was triggered. It comes up even for files that I have not accessed for a long time. What is a common trigger for this? Can I prevent it from happening again? When I look at the spaces at home, it appears that it may have changed file permissions to be world-writable.

I am also wondering whether I can remove a device from my user. I realise that this is part of a paid service. But I still have access to the installation. Is it possible to unregister this device? They are just remains from testing out how TeamDrive works.
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Re: "Set File Data" triggered for all files

Postby Kenneth » 07 Apr 2015, 14:19

You need to uninstall TeamDrive from a device for the device to be unregistered.

Was "set file data" something triggered in your local file system? TeamDrive won't change a files write. It's possible this was triggered by one of your installations. If you would like for us to look further into the issue please send your log files via the help menu. Be sure to describe the issue in the description field of reference this forum post.
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