TeamDrive 4.7.0 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 4.7.0 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 10 May 2021, 11:32

TeamDrive Client Release 4.7.0 Build 2968, is a stable release for all platforms which fixes a few bugs:

Fixed a bug in the upgrade step to 4.7.0 when the data cache dir for virtual spaces has been configured to be on a drive/volume root.
Fixed application shutdown in cases where the volume for virtual spaces could not be unmounted properly (OSX).
Fixed incorrect upload/download size/progress shown in the UI.
Fixed cache inconsistency for virtual spaces with enabled offline availability.
Bug fix for windows problem where the shell ext. broke explorer favorites.


TeamDrive Client Release 4.7.0 Build 2959, is a stable release for all platforms which fixes a few bugs:
- Fixed password reset
- Login process changed if API is being accessed from localhost
- Fixed 2FA not being handled during password reset in webgui
- Added anti-cache tokens
Virtual Filesystem:
- Fixed installation of cbfs on Windows when useraccount belongs to administrator domain group
- Fixed opening of local files when current version has been changed
- Fixed rare crash when deleting/moving/renaming folders

TeamDrive Client Release 4.7.0 Build 2944, is a stable release for all platforms with new features, improvements and additions.

The most relevant changes for the endusers are:
-> added 2 Factor Authentication for Login at the WebClient. The user can select e-mail or Google Authenticate 2FA.
-> added a context menu "show trash" in the filesystem on the Space folder.
-> implemented a different and improved handling for use of a virtual file system FUSE/CBFS directly from a database.
-> added a user editable/distributable process list per platform to control automatic download of non-local files in FUSE

-> Upload of files when Cloud Storage full. Improved handling to avoid missing files.
-> Multiple steps Email notification when Cloud Storage exceeds its limit (before and while full)
-> Support manual download retries
-> iOS Support of keeping HEIC file format

All other changes are required by operation system updates or under the hood improvements.

Platform specific changes follow here:

-> Latest CBFS(FUSE) virtual filesystem update.

-> Option to choose keeping the HEIC format, disabling the auto conversion to JEPG

-> Added Scheme support

-> macFUSE installation required to support the virtual file system (VFS)


Release 4.6.12 Build 2788, a stable release for all platforms with improvements and additions.

The most relevant changes for the endusers are:
-> modified login process (2-steps) and we removed the “provider panel”
-> export of address book entries as a CSV file added
-> Allow restoring "undeleted" Spaces

All other changes are required by operation system updates or under the hood.

Version 4.6.12 Build 2801 fixes bugs not mounting the virtual filesystem and support of network drives

64 Bit Android application (added 32/64 bit multi-arch support for Android)

MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) no longer supported. Due to technical requirements the new release cannot run on HighSierra. These customers may continue to use Release 4.6.11 as the last build which supports MacOS 10.13. Though we can not guarantee backward compatibility for new features, used in Spaces, to be supported by outdated software releases. General compatibility issues are not known.

Release 4.6.11
New: Publish URL now possible to choose to publish a file (default) or selected versions
- in case of a published file, there will always be the current (new) version available to download via the same URL

Improvement: iOS and Android scrolling and UI improvements

Security and bug fix:
- 4.6.11 Build 2640 (TD Agent and Installation Process with external Authentication)
Bug Fix:
- 4.6.11 Build 2662 (Read confirmations)
- 4.6.11 Build 2662 - MacOS sync problem fixed
(This problem was caused by an Apple OS update and requires the latest TeamDrive update to avoid false current versions)
- 4.6.11 Build 2725 (Removed the Provider-Panel for new registrations)

- 4.6.12 Build 2726 (32 Bit and 64 Bit combined .apk)
Release 4.6.10
- Fixed a problem with Client Login after a successful password reset.

Improvement for the WebClient:
- automatically accept a Space invitation on first login, in case there is only one invitation.

Release 4.6.9 is a stable release for all platforms with improvements and additions.

-> Onboarding process simplified.
Simply invite new users into your Space with their Email. The user will be pre-registered with a "guest license" and can chose to join the space in the WebClient or the local client after setting their password.
see our onboarding video

-> Login dialog re-designed
now a more secure 2 stage login process implemented
includes support for external authentication

-> Automatic synchronisation after the first start of TeamDrive with application protection switched on
-> Update SecureOffice for Android
-> Virtual Filesystem
-> multiple security updates
-> minor bugs fixed

Attention: On MacOS the virtual file system driver "Fuse for MacOS" need to be installed manually due to licensing issues.

Release 4.6.8 is stable release with many impromements and additions.

Reninder: most new Space features require that all Space members upgrade to the latest release . A popup warning dialog will remind you, in case you try to use one of these features. If your members of that Space cannot update, you should not use such feature. Your Space member with an older TeamDrive version will receive a message "Client update required" and that Space will not longer sync for this user.

Attention: Installation on MacOS Catalina requires to open the installer file via the "open" dialog. The notarization process with Apple is not finished, therefore the installer is blocked in case you just use the mouse. We are working with Apple to resolve this issue. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2737

- 64 Bit Release für Windows

Enhancements and Improvements
- Operations which are not relevant for other Team members will not sync any more (Ghost Folders)
- Workaround to read blobs without range-Header in case of a Sophos firewall
- Improved Inbox support

Some bug fixes.
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