TeamDrive 5.1.1 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 5.1.1 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 29 Feb 2024, 17:09

TeamDrive 5.1.1 is an important update for all platforms.

New: Build 3568 (MacOS only)
- Fixed problems when using .rtf and Microsoft Office files in MacFuse (virtual file system)

New: Build 3559
- Fixed crash downloading zipped folders from the webclient
- Fixed crash when changing proxy settings
- Fixed information of published file not updating in GUI
- Fixed invalid reply from the API when uploading new files (Outlook Addin)
- Several additional minor bugfixes

Build: 3553

- Improved download scheduling for changed files and published files
- Improved sending generated auto-trash events
- Improved log format
- Allow storing Spaces on SMB2 volumes on MacOS/Linux
- Fixed altering files that are still opened (e.g. Office Apps) on Windows
- Fixed situation where the application would not respond
- Fixed refresh on Trash screen
- Fixed missing refresh when "group recent files by Space" changed
- Fixed Inbox URLs redirecting to login

Important hint for users of our TeamDrive Personal Server TDPS:
Please increase the maximum connection limit in the config.file to 250 or 300
(Due to the Performance Release the TeamDrive Apps now open more connections for each Space)

Our Performance Update

TeamDrive 5.1.0 is a major performance and security update for all platforms.

All power users, long time customers and users with many or large Spaces will benefit most from the new performance improvements. Internally, we have optimized the threading processes, which allows for more parallel jobs.

Various code updates (CBFS/Virtual File System), security updates and a few bug fixes come along with this release. All other functions and features remain unchanged.

TeamDrive 5.0.8. is a security release which eliminates theoretical vulnerabilities

CVE-2023-43114 (Possible crash in GDI font engine on Windows)
CVE-2023-4863 (Buffer overflow caused by malicious WebP image)

Also this release includes minor improvments.

TeamDrive 5.0.7. (Build 3414) only fixes one problem for users using the TeamDrive Personal Server.

- fixed a Space restore problem when using the TDPS (Personal Server)

If you are using 5.0.6, there is no need to update to 5.0.7. for anyone not using the TDPS.
TeamDrive 5.0.6 is an update for all platforms which contains a number of small bug fixes and improvements. (Recommended to update)

Attention: there were 2 bugs discovered in Version 5.0.3.- 5.0.5. (Please update to 5.0.6.)
Files (> 4 MB) automatically uploaded new versions in some cases. No data loss, but some irritation.
There was also a bug affecting support of WebDAV protocol.

Please update to 5.0.6. asap, in case you have versions 5.0.3.- 5.0.5. installed.

New features and improvements:

- Added Size of Published Files in the Space Information
- Added a client setting to enforce publish files and Inbox requirements.
- Added a migration process from Hornetdrive to TeamDrive

- Fixed a bug which initialized the Proxy Settings too late at restart.

- Bugfixes to support a smooth space-activation and -restore-from-scratch

TeamDrive 5.0.2 is an update which contains a number of small bug fixes and improvements. (fixed the "Web Access" availability setting)
TeamDrive 5.0.0 is a major release with new features, many improvements and multiple minor bug fixes.

Attention: using new features may require all Space members to update to the 5.0 release. We will prompt you in case you try to use a new feature that will result in such.

- New Groups feature, allows users to invite pre-defined Groups into a Space. Groups can be created and managed by the account manager in the TeamDrive administration console, without knowing in which Space the groups are used. With such a split management, we maintain the “zero knowledge” principle of TeamDrive.
A tutorial video explains this new feature.

- Support of anonymous groups added (protected against changes to disclose a member list)

- Auto-remove deleted users from Spaces. TeamDrive clients will now automatically remove Space members, if their user account is deleted in the TeamDrive system. Our “zero knowledge” principle will maintain with this automatic removal of deleted users from Spaces.

- WebApps (WebClient) will now auto-accept the first Space invitation to make onboarding of new users more intuitive and simpler, when they are invited and using a guest license (restricted to one Space).


- Automatic address book updates will now only list current space members
- Added a field on the Space’s information page to display how much storage is used on the server for the individual Space.

Bug fixes:

- More than 1000 keys can now be loaded from the Key Repository flawlessly
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