TeamDrive Client 3.1 - (WIN, Mac, Linux)

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TeamDrive Client 3.1 - (WIN, Mac, Linux)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 04 Mar 2013, 19:49

This is our new TeamDrive 3.1 release (GA)

TeamDrive 3 is a new development and no update to TeamDrive 2. TeamDrive 3 can be parallel installed together with TeamDrive 2. Because of the higher encryption in TeamDrive 3 you can not be invited from TeamDrive 2 into TeamDrive 3 and vice versa. TeamDrive 3 clients are required to communicate with the new TeamDrive smartphone apps for iOS and Android.

3.1.0 (Build 342)
- fixed a problem that some changes in the filesystem where not recognized

New in version 3.1

[TDCLIENT-235] - Support of UNC pathes and mapped Network Drives (Terminal Server and Virtual Desktop support)
[TDCLIENT-806] - Cancel and pause pending download events
[TDCLIENT-858] - Poll Proxy PAC file URL and refresh Proxy Factories
[TDCLIENT-1057] - Let the user choose a directory from where we try to copy/move existing files into the space when joining/recovering
[TDCLIENT-1064] - New Notification Center added, to inform user about interesting events
[TDCLIENT-550] - Allow full UTF-8 usernames
[TDCLIENT-571] - Added Periodic Scan for individual Spaces
[TDCLIENT-980] - Improve the choosable options (MoveFromBackup, ...) in the Recover/Join Space Dialog
[TDCLIENT-1025] - Implemented a "multi-login" (and logout) function

Improvements in 3.1

[TDCLIENT-1061] - Implemented a manager for handling the progress of multiple simultaneous gui events
[TDCLIENT-1079] - Release space path locks automatically when all events are finished.
[TDCLIENT-1045] - Superuser able to change user rights.
[TDCLIENT-1055] - Enable 'Drag n Drop' on Windows 8

Multiple Bug small bug fixes in 3.1

New in version 3.0.8

[TDCLIENT-735] - Indicate an active search filter by colouring the filter icon
[TDCLIENT-751] - Make the Combobox of Max Versions to be stored on Server editable, to allow freely choosen values
[TDCLIENT-855] - Ability to pause/resume download of blobs
[TDCLIENT-873] - Temporary cache for space files being purged/unpurged
[TDCLIENT-892] - Allow re-invitation of users in the space member list

Improved in version 3.0.8

[TDCLIENT-369] - Invited users should show up immediately in the user list
[TDCLIENT-420] - QT NTLM BUG - Patch available
[TDCLIENT-866] - Do not create a version if a binary office file is just opened
[TDCLIENT-870] - Rename of dir just changing case via gui or read from log causes purge/unpurge of dir content instead of move in fs
[TDCLIENT-874] - Hold back invitations until space is fully initialized
[TDCLIENT-885] - use doubles instead of QDateTimes in the History / GUI
[TDCLIENT-886] - Show move events in the history. (We need to update the subject)
[TDCLIENT-903] - Show create dir events in History
[TDCLIENT-904] - Show set file data events in History
[TDCLIENT-995] - Update AdressBook when looking up/resolving UsersName/RegEmail in members invite dialog
[TDCLIENT-1001] - Add a Backup Now button in the BackUp settings
[TDCLIENT-1007] - TD Portable does not shorten the path to the USB device
[TDCLIENT-956] - New Function Pwd Forgotten

Minor bugfixes in build 273
- Fixed a problem with creating WebDAV Server Access in the free TeamDrive Client

Minor bugfixes in build 262
- Finnish and Norwegian Language files updated

Fixed in build 238
- minor bug fixes
- solved an issue with mount points and symlinks

Fixed in build 226
- minor translation fix

Fixed in build 225
- fixed a bug in the cache cleanup
- minor bug fixes

Fixed and improved in build 223
- version cache clean-up process fixed
- removed wrong conflict messages

Improved in build 207
- Added multiple new events to the "History Filter" (Join, Invite, Leave, Kick)
- Space create date added in the advanced Space view
- Added selective Backup import
- Changed default invitation right to "read/write" (was "superuser")
- Check and correct invalid or too long paths and update the flags in db

Bugfixes in build 204
- Date field and "last change" show 2 hour different times
- Handle corrupt packages inside the version cache (CArchiveManager::copyFromArchive)
- New Versions of files marked as Offline Accessible do not get automatically downloaded
- Fixed the rare problem: Wrong Owner of Space and wrong UserRights
- Copying file from space with read-only rights doesn't work
- Wrong publish email encoding
- Case sensitive path lookup/check must be done for the whole path up to the root
+ multiple small issues

Fixed in Build 194
- Minor bug fixes

Fixed in Build 192
- Fixed a problem that could halt uploading files in rare situations.
- Minor bug fixes

Fixed in Build 188
- Fixed the problem that files sometimes where not fully unpacked into the file system.
- Fixed a bug that downloads could stop in rare situations and did not restart automatically

Added in Build 182
- Support for PAC files in Automatic Proxy Settings
- GUI enhancements
- Delete messages listed in history
- Improved address-book handling (remove users which are not in any space)

- Improved sync handling

Added in Build 164
- Support for TDNS (TeamDrive Name Services)

Fixed / Added in Build 163 (GA / Release):
- new password change function added to the settings
- new switch for metadata only spaces in the space details view (professional feature)
- move and delete actions added to the history
- fixed a few minor bugs

[TDCLIENT-651] - Unable to invite members with local Space Errors (root Missing, DiskFull, ...)
[TDCLIENT-664] - We're blocking our own CFile::remove by keeping the file handle a little bit too long
[TDCLIENT-679] - It seems to be possible to start two instances of TeamDrive
[TDCLIENT-680] - Fix the new Space info inspector panel info
[TDCLIENT-685] - Menu Action "Delete On Server" only works for selected files
[TDCLIENT-687] - Comments in the side frame bunch up instead of scrolling
[TDCLIENT-690] - Add Column Chooser for the horizontal history Header
[TDCLIENT-696] - Error setting permissions in MemberInviteWizard when reinviting a kicked user
[TDCLIENT-706] - Assert in CSettings::initSettings()

Fixed / Added in Build 159 (GA / Release):
- New scan and compare setting added
- fixed a few minor bugs

Fixed / Added in Build 151 (GA / Release):
Build 151 is idential to Build 150. It was just an internal reason to make a new build.
All platforms
- Minor bug fixes
- Fixed Installation problems
- De-Installation now removes Windows entries and User Data when selected
- Side Window now integrated as Details View in the main UI
- Fixed a bug which caused TeamDrive to move files into the trash automatically in rare situations
Mac platform
- Code Basis change to QT 4.8.2 to fix compatibility issues with Mountain Lion
- CPU load on MacOS reduced
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