TeamDrive Client 3.1.1. beta - (WIN, Mac, Linux)

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TeamDrive Client 3.1.1. beta - (WIN, Mac, Linux)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 25 Jun 2013, 17:41

This is our TeamDrive 3.1.1. beta release. If no support issues will show up it ist planned for a early July release.

New Feature
[TDCLIENT-1067] - Implement Web (Browser) based login to support SSO, AD/LDAP Authentication (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1106] - Notification center backlink to the main app implemented. Click on message should select the file in the space view.
[TDCLIENT-1107] - Automatically invite a specified Space Admin when creating a new Space (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1124] - Implement setting to disable the import of server keys (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1130] - Implement a filter for accepting settings by origin (regserver, distributor, ...) (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1131] - Implement new AttributeType for extended user rights (master-user privilege) (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1121] - Add new user type "Master User" with extended admin privileges
[TDCLIENT-1122] - Implement setting to define a list of users to be automatically invited into new spaces (Professional Feature)
[TDCLIENT-1123] - Implement setting to automatically accept invitation with specified join mode (Professional Feature)

[TDCLIENT-540] - check disk free space before writing (large data) to disk (downloading, unpurge, archiving)
[TDCLIENT-845] - Cleanup Version Cache dialog remains showing progress if there are still files left which can not yet get cleaned up
[TDCLIENT-979] - Store space path in backup to be able to restore space from backup in original path if possible

Multiple Bugfixes
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