TeamDrive Client 3.1.1. (WIN, Mac, Linux)

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TeamDrive Client 3.1.1. (WIN, Mac, Linux)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 18 Jul 2013, 15:45

Production stable new Release 3.1.1. Build 420

- minor bug fixes

Changes in 3.1.1 Build 399:
Fixed a problem with mobile access in strange proxy environments where the proxy corrupts HTTP URLs. That resulted in unreliable local sync situations.
The new version will block such redirects from proxy server.

(A local restore of a Space, where files are missed, resolves the problem)

Changes in TeamDrive 3.1.1. Build 374

New Feature
[TDCLIENT-1067] - Implement Web (Browser) based login to support SSO, AD/LDAP Authentication (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1106] - Notification center backlink to the main app implemented. Click on message should select the file in the space view.
[TDCLIENT-1107] - Automatically invite a specified Space Admin when creating a new Space (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1124] - Implement setting to disable the import of server keys (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1130] - Implement a filter for accepting settings by origin (regserver, distributor, ...) (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1131] - Implement new AttributeType for extended user rights (master-user privilege) (Enterprise Customers)
[TDCLIENT-1121] - Add new user type "Master User" with extended admin privileges
[TDCLIENT-1122] - Implement setting to define a list of users to be automatically invited into new spaces (Professional Feature)
[TDCLIENT-1123] - Implement setting to automatically accept invitation with specified join mode (Professional Feature)

[TDCLIENT-540] - check disk free space before writing (large data) to disk (downloading, unpurge, archiving)
[TDCLIENT-845] - Cleanup Version Cache dialog remains showing progress if there are still files left which can not yet get cleaned up
[TDCLIENT-979] - Store space path in backup to be able to restore space from backup in original path if possible

Multiple Bugfixes
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