TeamDrive 3.3.1 (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux)

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TeamDrive 3.3.1 (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 11 Dec 2014, 11:24

Our new Teamdrive 3.3.1. release is now available and brings a few bug fixes and is the preparation for compatibility with the upcoming TeamDrive 4 Release.

TeamDrive 3.3.1 Build 1047

- prepared for compatibility with the upcoming TeamDrive 4 Release

(internal Database and Snapshot enhancements)
- minor bug fixes


Build 809

Bug fixes
[TDCLIENT-1377] - Delete Space should cancel Uploads
- several minor bug fixes

[TDCLIENT-1098] - Publish/Unpublish improvements (unpublish all versions)
[TDCLIENT-1322] - Now possible to delete comments
[TDCLIENT-1313] - TD will start with a different windows user, if BitRock was started explicitly as admin
[TDCLIENT-1145] - Make "Server Storage almost full" message suppressible
[TDCLIENT-1364] - Added a missing path in E-Mail notifications
[TDCLIENT-1339] - zipped logfiles are having unix permissions 000 (Linux)

Build 3.2.0 (721)

Fixes a Bug on Mac OSX
- crash when shutdown the computer or quit TeamDrive is fixed

Build 3.2.0 (676)

New features
- The Personal Server URL can now be changed manually
- Number of versions kept in a Space now possible to change and revert at any time (Professional feature)
(If you use this feature it requires an update to Version 3.2. for all space members)
- The new automatic snapshot feature reduces the time to join a large space dramatically (was -> hours -> now minutes for Spaces with 500.000 files)

- It also includes a number of small bug fixes

Past Changes in Version 3.1.3

- we changed the Space folders attribute. (no more "system" attribute)
- new clients will get invitations to all spaces of the user automatically (new encrypted key repository introduced)
- Start up time reduced

New features
- Provide access to backups of Space Keys via an encrypted key repository (via the RegServer)
(user selectable)
- Automatic delete files from trash after x days (Professional feature)
- A new option to cancel joining/recovering a space and archive it
- User selectable registration option to any hosting provider (added a Provider Code)
- Added a wipe device feature, on request by the user/sys admin

It also includes a number of small bug fixes
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Re: TeamDrive 3.3.1 (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux)

Postby wahrens » 17 Dec 2014, 17:47

Teamdrive 3.3.1(1047) Portable wird von Norton 360 sofort gelöscht mit Hinweis aus WS.Reputation.1
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Re: TeamDrive 3.3.1 (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux)

Postby mrmountain » 07 Jan 2015, 17:01

Same in our Symantec Endpoint Protection - file recognised as thread.
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