TeamDrive 4.0.7.

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TeamDrive 4.0.7.

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 06 Apr 2015, 17:33

TeamDrive 4 is our new major TeamDrive release.

==> TD4 has a new user interface. Great for new users. Immediate Update not required.
We are working on tutorials to show power users the advantages of the new UI.

-> You can run TeamDrive 3 (latest release 3.3.1) and TeamDrive 4 in the same team and share your Spaces.
-> TeamDrive 4 can be installed as an update to TeamDrive 3

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4 Build 4.0.7.

New Features

[TDCLIENT-1677] - Implemented overlay icons for Mac and Windows in File System
[TDCLIENT-1927] - Added multi-selection actions
[TDCLIENT-1731] - Created icons to use for the file overlay icons on windows and mac
[TDCLIENT-1849] - Integrated QtQuick2DRenderer plugin and deploy with installation
[TDCLIENT-1859] - Enabled to import Video from Camera or Image Gallery on Android

Security Issue

[TDCLIENT-1963] - Update OpenSSL to fix Security Advisory of 19 Mar 2015

Bug fixes

[TDCLIENT-1301] - UAC Problems with BitRock
[TDCLIENT-1671] - KickMember resolved
[TDCLIENT-1707] - TeamDrive doesn't run on Windows Server 2008 without Direct3D Acceleration
[TDCLIENT-1758] - Cannot save back changes made in SmartOffice more than once.
[TDCLIENT-1808] - Distorted text rendering, qml ui render bugs, not all glyphs rendered
[TDCLIENT-1817] - Client hangs with "Please wait" when trying to tap a file in a deleted Space
[TDCLIENT-1839] - Unable to "share" multiple files with the TD4 Client App
[TDCLIENT-1850] - Extensions was set to off after update
[TDCLIENT-1855] - "initializing Local Socket" in the client log
[TDCLIENT-1858] - The TD4 Android Client no longer supports importing arbitrary files
[TDCLIENT-1861] - VMWare Fusion: Labels don't render all glyphs
[TDCLIENT-1863] - TD hangs after wakeup
[TDCLIENT-1865] - Selecting multiple items does not really save any time
[TDCLIENT-1869] - Space deactivation notification incomplete
[TDCLIENT-1872] - Calender view for Activities is garbled and starts at January 1900
[TDCLIENT-1873] - Unable to "share" files from the TD4 app with other apps
[TDCLIENT-1880] - KeyRepository enable/disable and import keys from server missing on mobile
[TDCLIENT-1884] - Windows Explorer deadlock
[TDCLIENT-1885] - Context menu on windows will sometimes disappear
[TDCLIENT-1894] - Sync-wifi-only not working properly
[TDCLIENT-1896] - Uninstaller does not remove TeamDrive installation
[TDCLIENT-1904] - Overlay icon size on Windows
[TDCLIENT-1909] - Provider panel not working properly
[TDCLIENT-1913] - All windows should be "scrollable": Increasing the zoom factor to 150% blocks the screen
[TDCLIENT-1928] - Installer aborts on error when trying to remove Uninstaller from registry
[TDCLIENT-1932] - Crash on iOS after IAP
[TDCLIENT-1934] - Zero or negative "Data available offline" count for mobile devices
[TDCLIENT-1935] - After renaming files already marked as offline available you cannot open or see the thumbnails nor preview of the file anymore
[TDCLIENT-1938] - Naming in the iTunes Shop: TeamDrive, TeamDrive4 -> should be "TeamDrive 4"
[TDCLIENT-1943] - Client doesn't show, that a limit is reached.
[TDCLIENT-1956] - "Syncronization Off" is shown as space error on inactive Spaces
[TDCLIENT-1959] - Enforce using ANGLE/DirectX 11on windows platforms as default
[TDCLIENT-1960] - Blobs redownloaded after archive cleanup
[TDCLIENT-1962] - Import file with existing name and 'keep both' overwrites existing file
[TDCLIENT-1964] - After restarting the client, the configured proxy will be displayed as "No Proxy" in the overview page
[TDCLIENT-1972] - Not possible to set online=true in TD4
[TDCLIENT-1975] - COfflineAvailableSpaceTask::downloadMissingOfflineFiles schedules resources again, even if they are not on server
[TDCLIENT-1981] - Provider screen available on Android and not on iOS for store app
[TDCLIENT-1982] - Un-selectable items can be selected
[TDCLIENT-1988] - "Import from file system" on Android allows the user to access the TeamDrive data directory
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