TeamDrive 4.0.9 (Win/Mac & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 4.0.9 (Win/Mac & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 29 May 2015, 10:11

TeamDrive 4 is our new major TeamDrive release.
If you are using TeamDrive 4 we highly recommend to update to TeamDrive 4.0.9

==> TD4 has a new user interface. Great for new users. Immediate Update not required.
We are working on tutorials to show power users the advantages of the new UI.
-> TeamDrive 4 can be installed as an update to TeamDrive 3 (currently available for Windows and Mac OSX)
-> For Unix users, TeamDrive Agent Installations and Terminal Server Installations it is recommended to stay with TD 3 until summer 2015)

-> You can run TeamDrive 3 (release 3.3.1 or higher) and TeamDrive 4 in the same team and share your Spaces.

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4.0.9. Build 1266

[TDCLIENT-1948] - Improve handling of more than one depot or host server
[TDCLIENT-1958] - Remember Sort and Filter orders or settings after new start of the app
[TDCLIENT-2060] - Optimize loading and saving snapshots
[TDCLIENT-1853] - Set syncing overlay on folders when content is being synced

Temporary problem
- in MacOSX we disabled the CREATE SPACE Context menu in the file system. If functions normally via drag and drop or within the TeamDrive App.
(the context menu item will return in the next build)

Bug fixes
[TDCLIENT-1833] - Bitrock on Mac does not always kill TeamDrive
[TDCLIENT-1847] - Disable creating Spaces if no Space Depot is available
[TDCLIENT-1855] - "initializing Local Socket" in the client log
[TDCLIENT-1910] - Name Clash notification is not show for folder overlay
[TDCLIENT-1931] - Moving a file from a space to location outside a spaces, leaves the overlay icon in the finder view
[TDCLIENT-2017] - Unusual Deadlock when shutting down TeamDrive on Mac
[TDCLIENT-2021] - Mac: Main thread hangs in QWaitCondition::wait
[TDCLIENT-2025] - automatic translation replacement does not work in all cases
[TDCLIENT-2033] - ANR Input dispatching timed out: Application is not responding
[TDCLIENT-2038] - ANR Broadcast of Intent
[TDCLIENT-2041] - Adding usernames that do not exist to the invite list results in the username simply vanishing from the list
[TDCLIENT-2048] - Invite a user into a space: No Information in case the user has no active device
[TDCLIENT-2051] - import into TD does not work
[TDCLIENT-2066] - Crash in CArchiveManager::newFileVersionAvailable
[TDCLIENT-2072] - Crash in CGuiItemCache::getVersion white synchronizing a > 4GB file
[TDCLIENT-2073] - Right-click "Convert to Space" does not work (anymore)!
[TDCLIENT-2074] - Importing Spaces imports Spaces already in the invitations list
[TDCLIENT-2078] - Delete Space does not remove the TD Space Icon from the Space
[TDCLIENT-2086] - Copy URL for published versions does not work on Android
[TDCLIENT-2087] - Place all files created by the overlay handler on Windows into the TD folder
[TDCLIENT-2089] - Android 5:Allow Screenshots does not work

[TDCLIENT-2007] - Integrate external App-Signing process into the build process.

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4.0.8. Build 1252 :

- New Space creation from the filesystem fixed

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4.0.8. Build 1240 :

New Feature
[TDCLIENT-1718] - Implemented SearchFilter (all platforms)
[TDCLIENT-1642] - Added smart office support. (mobile platforms)
[TDCLIENT-2011] - Added support for creating new files in SmartOffice on IOS

[TDCLIENT-1450] - Added progress indication when searching for files
[TDCLIENT-1540] - Just after joining a space the initial file listing is very rough.
[TDCLIENT-1876] - Change portable installer structure (Windows)
[TDCLIENT-1957] - Space home by clicking twice on Spaces oder Active Spaces
[TDCLIENT-1992] - Display tooltips on desktop
[TDCLIENT-2006] - Display Space/User status in swipable subline instead of date

Bug fixes
[TDCLIENT-1510] - Performance problem with folders containing 10,000 files an more
[TDCLIENT-1749] - High CPU usage in COfflineAvailableSpaceTask
[TDCLIENT-1875] - After registering a new device (login with existing user), user is not notified that he has inactive spaces
[TDCLIENT-1879] - Tab Navigationbar: Clicking on the profile picture has no effect
[TDCLIENT-1897] - ShellExt not updated properly
[TDCLIENT-1916] - NativeActivityIndicator not cancelable on Android
[TDCLIENT-1922] - 'Back' button that appears after selecting files and trying to copy or move them doesn't work.
[TDCLIENT-1942] - Set profile picture dialog should limit the file selection to image files only
[TDCLIENT-1954] - WebDAV: TeamDrive root folder is not created automatically.
[TDCLIENT-1966] - "Open In..." seems to not find apps associated with file types
[TDCLIENT-1969] - Move/export choices not available for versions from file-preview
[TDCLIENT-1971] - Reconnecting space root with different upper-/lowercase dir doesn't work
[TDCLIENT-1990] - "Recover files from trash" does not ask the user
[TDCLIENT-2003] - Space icons for Windows and Mac (new Design and Transparency issue)
[TDCLIENT-2013] - Breadcrumb is wrong when searching for items
[TDCLIENT-2028] - Use the new SecureOffice Icon instead of the default TeamDrive icon
[TDCLIENT-2030] - Screen layout on mobile devices "pushed up"
[TDCLIENT-2031] - Space path not found in TeamDrive; TeamDrive opens Explore/Finder with
[TDCLIENT-2056] - Windows Shell extension failes to conect to TD, if Windows username contains an umlaut

Task (open)
[TDCLIENT-1984] - Provide a de-register shell extension program that doesn't remove TeamDrive
[TDCLIENT-1987] - Deploy the Mesa opengl32sw.dll to have a alternative to Angle on Windows
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