TeamDrive 4.1.1 (Win/Mac & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 4.1.1 (Win/Mac & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 15 Nov 2015, 17:10

If you are using TeamDrive 4 we highly recommend to update to TeamDrive 4.1.1

==> In case you are still use TD3: TD4 has a new user interface. Great for new users. Immediate Update not required.
We are working on tutorials to show power users the advantages of the new UI.
-> TeamDrive 4 can be installed as an update to TeamDrive 3 (currently available for Windows and Mac OSX)
-> For Unix users, TeamDrive Agent Installations and Terminal Server Installations it is recommended to stay with TD 3 until Winter 2015

-> You can run TeamDrive 3 (release 3.3.2 or higher) and TeamDrive 4 in the same team and share your Spaces.

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4.1.1. Build 1364

- ShellExtensions and Icon Overlays (Mac/Windows)

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4.1.1. Build 1354

New Feature
[TDCLIENT-2251] - Https communication with Reg-Server

[TDCLIENT-964] - Optimize the file open check (Mac/Linux)
[TDCLIENT-2043] - Performance Enhancements for ActivityList
[TDCLIENT-2134] - "Invitations" screen text
[TDCLIENT-2212] - Text Change in Settings > Cache
[TDCLIENT-2232] - Show sizes of versions in the version list

Bug fixes
[TDCLIENT-1241] - Improve QHttpServer
[TDCLIENT-1434] - Client switches to Landscape mode, won't let me rotate
[TDCLIENT-1687] - Scrolling in Activity details is rough
[TDCLIENT-1803] - A Depot that was deleted on the Server should also be removed from the user's devices
[TDCLIENT-1950] - Daily license screen can be removed by clicking on buy license button
[TDCLIENT-2005] - Files appear as if they have been synced when they haven't.
[TDCLIENT-2095] - Crash in QSqlDatabase::lastError
[TDCLIENT-2128] - Native Alert Dialog showed "Failed to connect to the Registration Server." in a loop
[TDCLIENT-2164] - The build system doesn't save the symbols for all the IOS apps.
[TDCLIENT-2165] - External Authenitcation: Drop-Down Menu does not work
[TDCLIENT-2166] - Crash in QSqlQuery::exec(): possible race condition
[TDCLIENT-2181] - Explorer Integration: Cache is outdated
[TDCLIENT-2190] - QML Client display performance
[TDCLIENT-2201] - crash in CDateTimeHelper::getTimeFormatString
[TDCLIENT-2210] - After TD restart the folder and space overlays will not indicate they contain un synced files.
[TDCLIENT-2211] - Shell ext connection timeout when TD busy
[TDCLIENT-2213] - TeamDrive 'can't' play media files, correctly, as of iOS 8.4.1
[TDCLIENT-2216] - Problems with the rpm package for the Agent
[TDCLIENT-2217] - Database race condition on shutdown
[TDCLIENT-2218] - iOS 9 screws up character encoding in user's initials
[TDCLIENT-2219] - SQLite is creating an automatic index
[TDCLIENT-2221] - Fix issues with the tar file for generating the RPM package
[TDCLIENT-2222] - "Resolve Conflict" button on filter screen is non-responsive
[TDCLIENT-2223] - Refresh depot list after recieving new depot from reg-server
[TDCLIENT-2230] - Invitation Name Lookup failed
[TDCLIENT-2231] - Users (e.g. Administrators) can downgrade their own user-rights by re-inviting themselves with lower rights
[TDCLIENT-2235] - CJsonApi::getFilesWithUnconfirmedVersionsOrDelayedUploads() crashes the client.
[TDCLIENT-2241] - qFatal on shutdown: CVersionCache did not finish
[TDCLIENT-2243] - Deadlock between CSingleton<EventLevels>::s_Mutex and Database lock
[TDCLIENT-2244] - Frequent MD5 errors during upload.
[TDCLIENT-2256] - Failed to upload iOS App to the store
[TDCLIENT-2262] - failed to upload Enterprise & SecureOffice to the App Store

[TDCLIENT-1558] - Update to VS 2013
[TDCLIENT-1804] - Update to Qt 5.5
[TDCLIENT-2088] - Automatically fallback to Mesa if Angle does not work
[TDCLIENT-2114] - Generate Debug infos for Qt libs
[TDCLIENT-2185] - Test TeamDrive Agent rpms
[TDCLIENT-2198] - Improve logging of the Shell Extension
[TDCLIENT-2205] - Make the Activities available to the JsonApi (Kernel)
[TDCLIENT-2215] - Create a test environment/tool for automated TD testing

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4.1.0. Build 1315

New Feature
[TDCLIENT-2100] - Missing Feature: modifying existing Server Settings in TD Client (WebDAV Server/TD Personal Server Settings)
[TDCLIENT-2168] - Add a "Help Screen" and "Help" main menu option

[TDCLIENT-1071] - Publish URL with expiration Date, autodelete and password protection (depends on hostserver support, may not be available for all users until their server are updated)
[TDCLIENT-2134] - "Invitations" screen text
[TDCLIENT-2135] - App Protection screen 'info' text
[TDCLIENT-2136] - Settings page text
[TDCLIENT-2156] - Implement jump to new publish screen
[TDCLIENT-2157] - Implement sub-menu in context-menu for publishing
[TDCLIENT-2160] - User Feed back on successful or failed invitation
[TDCLIENT-2161] - Delete or Reset Profile Picture

Bug fixes:
[TDCLIENT-2076] - Upload-Loop: Publish Task does not handle wrong MD5
[TDCLIENT-2097] - Parcels are not written when the Space URL changes
[TDCLIENT-2130] - Slashes inconsistent in Windows machines
[TDCLIENT-2132] - Disable User not recognized and executed in TD4 client
[TDCLIENT-2154] - Enable 're-invite' for users with less than superuser rights in a Space
[TDCLIENT-2170] - Tapping the PIN "input field" does not bring up the software keyboard
[TDCLIENT-2175] - profilePics directory not moved when TD data directory changes
[TDCLIENT-2176] - Client text changes
[TDCLIENT-2177] - Scrolling with the TeamDrive scroll bar does not work in thumbnail view mode
[TDCLIENT-2180] - Explorer Integration freezes Autodesk and Excel
[TDCLIENT-2181] - Explorer Integration: Cache is outdated
[TDCLIENT-2189] - CNetworkSettings is initialized in Mainthread
[TDCLIENT-2202] - character Encoding in the Finder extension in broken
[TDCLIENT-2206] - Shell Ext api is still running on shut down

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4.0.10. Build 1276

New Feature
[TDCLIENT-2093] - Allow changing the RegEmail address in ProfileScreen
[TDCLIENT-2117] - Implement ExtAuth login using the qml LoginDialog without embedding a webbrowser
[TDCLIENT-1854] - Make use of the cache for getting context menu items
[TDCLIENT-2138] - Update the EULA for 4.0.10
[TDCLIENT-1657] - Improve invitation dialog
[TDCLIENT-1911] - Provide "open" and "openWith" actions for old versions
[TDCLIENT-1947] - Show depot limits per space and show a "Buy storage"-button
[TDCLIENT-1977] - Move and rename Space Path
[TDCLIENT-2106] - Switch from using UIWebView to WKWebView
[TDCLIENT-1930] - Crash in QHttpConnection::parseRequest
[TDCLIENT-2016] - Memory Corruption / Crash in CDBConnection::makeQuery
[TDCLIENT-2071] - App protection locks app immediately on mobile devices
[TDCLIENT-2077] - Crash in QQuickShaderEffectCommon::disconnectPropertySignals
[TDCLIENT-2082] - CSetUserInfoTask shouldn't query users marked as "invisible"
[TDCLIENT-2083] - TeamDrive Secure Office freezes when trying after you allow it to access photos or camera
[TDCLIENT-2089] - Android 5:Allow Screenshots does not work
[TDCLIENT-2097] - Parcels are not written when the Space URL changes
[TDCLIENT-2101] - Finder Extension crashed in ShellExtCache::leaveSpace
[TDCLIENT-2103] - Improve Rendering performance / High CPU load
[TDCLIENT-2104] - SecureOffice: Crash in
[TDCLIENT-2108] - Icon overlay for conflicts are not shown in the filesystem
[TDCLIENT-2110] - Bitrock fails to replace the 64 bit Windows Explorer integration
[TDCLIENT-2113] - IOS Secure office symbols not saved by build system
[TDCLIENT-2116] - TD IOS crashes on 'Copy URL'
[TDCLIENT-2120] - Add overlay cache refresh to handle possible missed overlay state changes
[TDCLIENT-2121] - SVGs appear to flicker if an animation is running
[TDCLIENT-2123] - Rendering artefacts of underlined text when rendered using the QtQuick2DRenderer
[TDCLIENT-2137] - App screen size changes on selecting a third window (Windows only)

Here are the release notes for TeamDrive 4.0.9. Build 1266

[TDCLIENT-1948] - Improve handling of more than one depot or host server
[TDCLIENT-1958] - Remember Sort and Filter orders or settings after new start of the app
[TDCLIENT-2060] - Optimize loading and saving snapshots
[TDCLIENT-1853] - Set syncing overlay on folders when content is being synced

Temporary problem
- in MacOSX we disabled the CREATE SPACE Context menu in the file system. If functions normally via drag and drop or within the TeamDrive App.
(the context menu item will return in the next build)

Bug fixes
[TDCLIENT-1833] - Bitrock on Mac does not always kill TeamDrive
[TDCLIENT-1847] - Disable creating Spaces if no Space Depot is available
[TDCLIENT-1855] - "initializing Local Socket" in the client log
[TDCLIENT-1910] - Name Clash notification is not show for folder overlay
[TDCLIENT-1931] - Moving a file from a space to location outside a spaces, leaves the overlay icon in the finder view
[TDCLIENT-2017] - Unusual Deadlock when shutting down TeamDrive on Mac
[TDCLIENT-2021] - Mac: Main thread hangs in QWaitCondition::wait
[TDCLIENT-2025] - automatic translation replacement does not work in all cases
[TDCLIENT-2033] - ANR Input dispatching timed out: Application is not responding
[TDCLIENT-2038] - ANR Broadcast of Intent
[TDCLIENT-2041] - Adding usernames that do not exist to the invite list results in the username simply vanishing from the list
[TDCLIENT-2048] - Invite a user into a space: No Information in case the user has no active device
[TDCLIENT-2051] - import into TD does not work
[TDCLIENT-2066] - Crash in CArchiveManager::newFileVersionAvailable
[TDCLIENT-2072] - Crash in CGuiItemCache::getVersion white synchronizing a > 4GB file
[TDCLIENT-2073] - Right-click "Convert to Space" does not work (anymore)!
[TDCLIENT-2074] - Importing Spaces imports Spaces already in the invitations list
[TDCLIENT-2078] - Delete Space does not remove the TD Space Icon from the Space
[TDCLIENT-2086] - Copy URL for published versions does not work on Android
[TDCLIENT-2087] - Place all files created by the overlay handler on Windows into the TD folder
[TDCLIENT-2089] - Android 5:Allow Screenshots does not work

[TDCLIENT-2007] - Integrate external App-Signing process into the build process.
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