TeamDrive 4.1.3 (Win/Mac & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 4.1.3 (Win/Mac & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 26 Jan 2016, 14:55

Version 4.1.3 is a stable release and we recommend to update your Teamdrive 4 Clients

==> In case you are still use TD3: TD4 has a new user interface. Great for new users. Immediate Update not required.
We are working on tutorials to show power users the advantages of the new UI.
-> TeamDrive 4 can be installed as an update to TeamDrive 3 (currently available for Windows and Mac OSX)
-> For Unix users, TeamDrive Agent Installations and Terminal Server Installations it is recommended to stay with TD 3 until February 2016

Fixes and Improvements

Mobile Specific

- Repaired issues with the native web view, which caused external authentication not to function properly and for the native web view to remain visible after going back to the provider code window
- Renamed the action “Import from camera” to “Take Picture with Camera” on the screen where profile pictures can be added

Desktop Specific

- Desktop client can now launch the WebGUI if the client is started with the parameter “webgui” (Windows only)
- Reenabled the ability to jump from the task list to specific TeamDrive windows when right-clicking on TeamDrive in the task list and selecting one of the “Show” options (Windows 10 specific fix)
- Fixed issue where the context menu, when right-clicking on TeamDrive’s tray icon, would not appear
- Renewed the Windows Installer certificate (Windows only)

General Client

- Improved the loading of snapshots; if snapshots contain a broken log position the snapshot will be deleted and the Space will be joined from the log
- Repaired error where client was no longer skipping broken messages while attempting to join a Space
- Default limit of 7 days, before published links expire, has been removed
- Improved functionality of new TDPv3 host server protocol
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