TeamDrive 4.6.2 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

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TeamDrive 4.6.2 (Win/Mac/Linux & Android/iOS)

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 27 Jun 2018, 10:20

TeamDrive 4.6.2. is an important update which resolves a network connection problem and adds new features.

Resolved Bug: Network connection issue. In some cases where the network connection changed (seen on Windows and on Mac), TeamDrive could not re-establish a valid network connection. Rebooting the computer or just the TeamDrive app resolved the problem in most cases. In Version 4.6.2 we fixed that code and all reported problems are resolved. We tested this version with many customers and saw not complaint anymore.

New in 4.6.2:

Desktop (Windows and Mac)

- Virtual Spaces on a mounted network drive. We now offer the feature that users can comfortably work on a network drive and keep all space data in the Cloud. This fulfills 2 objectives. One, it allows users to be an active member in many spaces with hundreds of GB, without occupying local storage. Second, it will help companies to comply with GDPR request to keep all content central and disallow local storage of data with personal information.
We call this new feature "beta release" as we need to get more widely feedback. It will not install automatically, but can be selected during the installation.
To use the new feature, a third party component need to be installed on the client computer. On windows it is called "CBFS Callback File System", a commercial more reliable subsitute for FUSE. On Mac we install FUSE. These components allow TeamDrive to mount a virtual volume. On Windows we mount volume t: as a default TeamDrive volume. On Mac it will be a remote volume.
When installing or updating to 4.6.2 the user can select the installation of "CBFS Callback File System" or "FUSE".
In the Client settings the user can define the default Space path to "Mount Virtual Spaces". This will work for new Spaces and accepting new Invitations. Existing Spaces need to be switched manually. Space -> i (information) -> Space Path -> Mount Space to Virtual File System"
Each virtual Space will create a hidden cache folder. We will make the Cache Path user selectable in a future version. Currently the Virtual Space cache is in the Application Data folder (TeamDrive). But this may result on Windows into problems with the path length. To avoid this path length problem, this will be the next problem to fix for us.

Mobile iOS and Android

- We modified the Read Confirmations feature. Now the admin can require a manual read confirmation on Android and IOS. Before it was automatically confirmed if a user opened a document. Now if manual confirmation is turned on, the user will be ask to confirm or deny (delay).

- For iOS and Android we fixed and improved the feature to import photos from the Photos app. This is now sleek and fast. Apple introduced in MacOS 11 HEIF and HEVC formats which we convert almost lossless into JEPG.


TeamDrive 4.6.1. Release is a major update which improves the performance and adds many features.

- Performance optimisation, uses less CPU
- Bug Fixes 

- Update to Framework Qt 5.9.4

- Updated installer
Desktop Mac
- Added real file locking to expand the existing soft locking (switchable) for MS Office
- Changed context menu to service menu for „convert to space“
- Resolved App DPI scaling problems on high resolution screens
- Menubar now visible in dark mode
Desktop Windows
- Added real file locking to to expand existing soft locking (switchable)
- Rename Appdata Folder teamdrive3 to teamdrive

- Resolved App DPI scaling problems on high resolution screens
- Resolved high CPU load issue if missing internet connection
- Added swipe images in display mode
- Added device rotate (App rotate Portrait / Landscape)

- updated the SecureOffice core to a new release
- added automatic screen refresh on server side updates (socket based)
Outlook PlugIn

- bug fixes
- added support for large attachments > 200 MB

TeamDrive 4.5.5 is a bugfix release which includes our new TeamDrive logo and new UI colors.

TeamDrive changed its company log to a more distinct and modern design. We went away from blue to an Orange / Black combination.

This release contains:
- Bugfixes for iOS (open with)
- Improved notifications on Android
- Improved PiTR (Point in Time Recovery) process
- Minor bugs


Version 4.5.2 Build 1757 is a bugfix release.

Relevant for Spaces on WebDAV or TDPS TeamDrive Personal Servers.
- fixes a bug that prevented joining or restoring a Space quickly, reading a Space Snapshot failed
(normal fast join mode)

Version 4.5.1 is a minor update and a stable release.
It resolves an issue which might stops syncing in rare situations.

New features:
1) Read Confirmations
A Space administrator can now enable read confirmation for a Space. The date of each first read of a file version (per user) will be saved in a seperate log. This log can be exported by the administrator and saved outside of TeamDrive.

2) CSV Exports for Activity logs
Space Admins can now export Activity Logs (complete Space Audit Trail) and analyse or save them independent of TeamDrive.

3) Apple APFS file system support for MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

4) Minor bug fixes

Release Date July 2017


TD Release 4.5.0

- Adds a full new backup security layer for each space, which can be self-managed by the Space admin. This Point in Time Recovery feature (PiTR) will create frequent snapshots and allows the admin to preview or rollback to any previous stage. This feature is only available for paying customers using the TeamDrive Cloud or Teamdrive Enterprise Hosting servers.

- The new optimised transfer manager let you better control up- and downloads

Release Date mid June 2017

New Feature
[TDCLIENT-2564] - Implement Point-in-Time Recovery
[TDCLIENT-1898] - Implement a pause download/upload functionality
[TDCLIENT-467] - Add Gui Download priorization

[TDCLIENT-2600] - Show the storage size blocked by Snapshots (PiTR), which can be reduced by deleting snapshots Task
[TDCLIENT-2384] - CDownloaderTask and CTransferManager Improvement
[TDCLIENT-2382] - Abort Download if offline-available pinning for a version is disabled
[TDCLIENT-2572] - Handle Host-Server setting if PIT-Recovery is enabled or not
[TDCLIENT-2580] - Store sort preferences in session

Bug fixes
[TDCLIENT-1752] - Blob-Fragments are not deleted, if the upload was cancelled.
[TDCLIENT-1753] - Delete file finally may not delete the blob on the server
[TDCLIENT-2446] - Agent: Unable to edit Space path. Unable to correct "Space path not found".

Version 4.3.2

Recommended, because it enables the support of the new TeamDrive WebClient, which we will provide via a public beta program.
Many improvements for the HTML Interface in the Agent/WebClient

New Feature
[TDCLIENT-2184] - Space Attribute "No Web Browser allowed" or something like this
[TDCLIENT-2542] - Add support for OutLook add-in
Improvements in the Agent/WebClient HTML Interface
[TDCLIENT-2546] - Add restore-space function
[TDCLIENT-2550] - Import key repositories
[TDCLIENT-2551] - Add perform-backup function
[TDCLIENT-2552] - Restore from backup
[TDCLIENT-2556] - Filtering of activities
[TDCLIENT-2557] - Allow download of previous file versions or deleted files
[TDCLIENT-2559] - Can't upload new file versions via the webportal
[TDCLIENT-2570] - Email notification - add space name in subject line for immediate mails
Bug fixes
[TDCLIENT-2447] - Agent: Show Space's path on Space information/details screen
[TDCLIENT-2567] - Overlays and context menues missing from windows mapped drives

The TeamDrive Release 4.3 implemented big improvements to the user interface (UI) in the desktop client software. The result is a more intuitive
work and less clicks.

Build 1654
- fixed a bug wich halted the sync in some situations

Release Notes TD 4.3.1
New Features
- Multi select for deleting file versions
- On Mac OS, Detect "moves" from file to dir and vice versa (resolving the ".pages"/".numbers" problem)
- Uploading open files, which are modified, after 15 minutes or manually via the tray icon
- New features in the TD4 Agent HTML UI, (Add new Server, SetPath, ...)

Fixes and Improvements
- improved Error Messages
- added context menus on network drives
- Restrict publishing of files, which are marked as "invalid path/filename"
- TDPv3: Restore log position now evaluated by client
- fixed current version info (incorrect when automatic downloads are not enabled)

Release Notes TD 4.3.0
Fixes and Improvements
General Client
* General improvements to invitation window (easier invitation process)
* Added the ability to inspect (view the information) files located in the trash
* Added a menu item to the context menu, which allows users to download the current
version of a file if the current version has not already been downloaded
* Improved general functionally of log poller downloader tasks run by the client
* Fixed issue, which blocked the ability to enter text into text fields, while
large amounts of data were being synchronized
* Fixed "0 files uploading" text seen on the activities screen after publishing
a large file
* When sending a Space invitation it is now possible to set the default join mode
for all invitation recipients; a key feature for having users automatically join large Spaces
as meta-data only

Desktop Specific
* Greatly Improved context menu functionality
* Added new overlay icon to show if a file's version in the file system is
not up to date
* Added ability to completely enable/disable synchronization via the
TeamDrive system tray icon
* Changed the default Space path on MacOS to the user home directory, to avoid iCloud side
* Added a button to move (copy) an existing Space root path back to the default path.
* The new default Space path can now be any path (no Space Folder added)
* Added a button to move (copy) an existing Application/Cache path back to the default path.
Mobile Specific
* On iOS it is now possible to share files with TeamDrive using iOS's built-in
file sharing mechanism; TeamDrive can now be added to the share list
* Added new synchronization options, which allow users to configure which
internet connection must be present, in order for TeamDrive to synchronize data and also
to configure when files should be automatically updated (cellular or WiFi and WiFi only)
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