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TeamDrive 4.1.4 Beta

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2015, 16:39
by Sebastian Philipp

Google Play provides pre-release versions of TeamDrive 4, which can be
installed and tested on your device. If the app crashes or freezes, a
crash-dialog pops up. Please send us these crash reports otherwise we
are not able to fix these bugs.

To distinguish beta-feedback from other posts, please add [Beta] to the
title of your post.

To become a beta tester, please click on this link:

Thank you!


Der Google Play Store bietet die Möglichkeit, eine Vorabversionen von
TeamDrive 4 zu installieren und zu testen. Sollte die App abstürzen oder
hängen, schicken Sie uns bitte einen Bugreport, damit wir den Fehler
finden und beheben können.

Um Beta-Feedback von anderen Posts unterscheiden zu können, sollte am
besten [Beta] im Betreff stehen.

Um Beta-Tester zu werden, müssen Sie auf diesen Link klicken:

TeamDrive 4.1.4 Beta

  • Improved functionality of new TDPv3 host server protocol
  • Improved the loading of snapshots; if snapshots contain a broken log position the snapshot will be deleted and the Space will be joined from the log.
  • Repaired error where client was no longer skipping broken messages while attempting to join a Space
  • Default limit of 7 days before published links expire has been removed.
  • Fixed issue where a Space’s status would not be shown as ‘offline’ if the connection to the Internet was lost during startup.
  • Fixed automatic trash cleanup bug
More change logs can be found on

Vielen Dank!