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Picture sliding

Postby TD-Matschiedl » 19 Dec 2017, 19:34

Hi, we like to use TeamDrive in order to share pictures but unfortunately in fullscreen mode there seems to be no way to slide between pictures. Can you consider this as feature request for one of your next versions?


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Re: Picture sliding

Postby metedryob » 15 Feb 2018, 20:00

Hey, this is a request I have to support absolutely!

Actually I installed Teamdrive having in mind to use it as an alternative to Dropbox for sharing and viewing photos – but the lack of usability for this use case is just huge.

  1. it's not possible to slide through pictures
  2. Teamdrive app won't keep the setting to thumbnail view - so everytime you open a space with photos, you have to switch to thumbnail view again and wait until all thumbnails have loaded
  3. loading a space full of thumbnails takes quite some time, so caching them would be probably nice
  4. loading single fullsize photos works tolerably fast, however the "please wait" pop-up in the mid of every opened picture is displayed way too long
  5. doubletap to quick-zoom pictures is missing
  6. no option to get pictures displayed full-screen by default if they have a resolution lower than the display

So I would love to have Teamdrive on Android as a powerful Dropbox alternative which I could recommend to people around me, but until now I'm not really convinced, regrettably.

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