How-to: Free Clients for Commercial Users

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How-to: Free Clients for Commercial Users

Postby Kenneth » 14 Jan 2016, 11:56

To fully take advantage of our secure AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption a TeamDrive client must be installed to maximize the secure transmission of your files.

In order to enable the secure communication between paid license holders and their non-paid license holding clients, clients who may often only need TeamDrive in order to exchange data with the paid license holder, we developed the ‘restricted client’. The restricted client, which is also limited to a single active Space, allows paid license holders to exchange data with their non-paid license holding clients, free of charge for both parties. No extra licenses must be purchased when using the restricted client.

The restricted client is available for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop operating systems as well as for iOS and Android mobile device operating systems. For desktop operating systems, the restricted client can be downloaded directly from our website ( by simply downloading the standard client. For mobile device operating systems, the restricted client can be downloaded from either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. However, for mobile device operating systems, the standard client cannot be used. The TeamDrive Enterprise client must be downloaded and used for mobile device operating systems.

In the next few steps we will show you how the client must be configured to allow for the free exchange of data between paid license holders and non-paid license holders.

After downloading and installing TeamDrive for your desktop (a restart may also be required for some desktop installations) or mobile device, start the application and progress through the loading screen. You will now be at the provider code screen (IMPORTANT FOR iOS AND ANDROID USERS: If you do not see the “Provider Code (Optional)” field you have downloaded the wrong app! Please quit TeamDrive and download the TeamDrive Enterprise app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store).
Please enter the provider code FREE and not FREI
Alternatively the provider code FREI works too, but it sits on a special Server in Germany set up for the German Lawyers Association.


At the provider code screen (image 1) please enter the provider code FREE and select “Register Now”. After entering the provider code FREE and selecting “Register Now” you should now be at the registration screen (image 2). Enter a username of your choice, a valid email address*, a password with at least 8 characters, agree to the terms and conditions and select “Register”.

*If you were invited to a Space using a specific email address before registering for TeamDrive, please register using that email address to receive the Space invitation upon logging in. If you register using an email address, different to that with which you were invited to join a Space, you will not see the Space invitation after logging into TeamDrive. In this case you simply need to request a new invitation from your colleague. Please have your colleague invite you using your newly created username to help avoid any confusion with different email addresses.

Activating your Account
After registering you will receive an account activation email. Follow the link provided in the email to activate your account. Please note that your account cannot be used until it has been activated.

Accepting the Space Invitation

After successfully activating your account and logging in you should see an invitation on the tab Invitations (image 3), once the client has retrieved the invitation from the server.* Select this tab and accept the invitation by either clicking or tapping directly on the Space and selecting “Join” or by expanding the invitation (selecting the arrow on the right pointing downward) and clicking or tapping on the check mark and then selecting “Join” (image 4).

After successfully accepting the Space invitation and joining the Space, the Space will appear in the section “Spaces”**. The Space will also be visible in the local file system. If none of the default settings have been changed, you will find your Space in the Spaces folder in your file system, most likely in ‘ .../Documents/Spaces)’.

*If you registered using an email address different to the email address used to invite you to the Space, you will not see any invitations. In this case, please contact your colleague and request a new invitation. Please have your colleague invite you using your newly created username to help avoid any confusion with different email addresses.
**If TeamDrive is in landscape/horizontal mode you will find the Space in the section “Active Spaces”.

Using TeamDrive for the Secure Exchange of Data
Now that you have successfully joined the Space you can now retrieve, and work on, the data your colleague intended to share with you.* Add files to the Space, simply by dragging and dropping files directly into the TeamDrive client or into the local Space folder. Once the files have been uploaded, your colleague will be able to see, access and edit the files.

Various functions can be accessed via the context menu simply by right-clicking on the Space or on files or folders within the Space.** Overlay icons also give you a quick hint as to whether your data is up to date or is still syncing.

All data will be encrypted and compressed, on your machine, before being uploaded. TeamDrive prides itself in using end-to-end encryption to enable the secure exchange of data for its users. Only users invited to join a Space, and who have successfully joined the Space, can access the data stored in a Space.

*Being able to edit data within the Space is dependent on the user rights assigned to you for that Space. If you were given ‘Read only” rights, you are not allowed to make any changes to any of the files in the Space. If you have ‘Read/Write” abilities, or above, in the Space you are allowed to make changes in the Space.
**Neither the context menu nor the overlay icons are available when using the TeamDrive Portable client.
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