How-to: Disable the Creation of Snapshots

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How-to: Disable the Creation of Snapshots

Postby Kenneth » 29 Jan 2016, 13:31

TeamDrive uses a snapshots feature which, allows snapshots of Spaces to be periodically created. This features enables users to join Spaces, with large amounts of events, much faster. In rare cases, large amounts of disk space may be used while creating snapshots. This space, however, will be freed once the snapshot has been created. However, this may be an inconvenience for users with small amounts of disk space.
The creation of snapshots can be disabled in the "teamdrive.settings file.

The 'teamdrive.settings' file is located in the default location of the TeamDrive database (data directory). Even if the TeamDrive database location has been changed, the 'teamdrive.settings' file will still be in the original location (it will not be moved along with database).

To locate the database on:

Open Windows Explorer > Enter "%appdata%" > Open the folder "TeamDrive3"

Open Finder > Click on the house icon (the home directory) > Press CMD (apple key) + CTRL + G (or select "Go" > "Go to Folder..." from the menu) > Go to folder ".teamdrive"

The database is located in "/home/*username*/.teamdrive"
You can also get to the home directory be entering "$HOME"

Once you have found the 'teamdrive.settings' file, please do the following:

- Quit TeamDrive
- Open the "teamdrive.settings" file with a text editor.
- In the section '[Settings]' enter "create-snapshot=false".
- Save your changes, close the file and start TeamDrive.
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