How-to: Restore Default Space Location

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How-to: Restore Default Space Location

Postby Kenneth » 25 Nov 2016, 17:56

The ability to restore the default Space location can be useful in various situations.

The option only appears, if the default Space location has been changed. However, for OS X users only, this option appears if your Spaces directory is Users/*HomeDirectory*/Documents/Spaces.

This feature is particularly important for OS X users with iCloud activated on their machines. In the event that iCloud was activated after updating to the latest version of OS X, and all of your data was synced to iCloud and removed from the local file system, please use this feature to restore (change) your default Space location.

To restore your default Space location please do the following:

Open the TeamDrive 4 Client > Go to Settings > Select Space Location and select Reset to Default Location.

Afterwards, all of your Spaces will be restored, and appear, at the default Space location.

For OS X users, the default Space location will now be Users/"HomeDirectory*/Spaces (instead of Users/*HomeDirectory*/Documents/Spaces). TeamDrive Spaces will, as of version 4.3.0, no longer be stored in the Documents folder, because iCloud syncs this folder and removes all local copies of the data.
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