Status: Traffic limit reached [Resolved]

Re: Status: Traffic limit reached [Resolved]

Postby Kenneth » 24 Oct 2016, 12:31

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Re: Status: Traffic limit reached [Resolved]

Postby TranceVibes » 01 Nov 2016, 06:51

Kenneth wrote:Yes

Thank you for the confirmation.
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Re: Status: Traffic limit reached [Resolved]

Postby Bayron.Gutierrez » 20 Aug 2020, 11:14

Hi TeamDrive Support,

normally, when my users inform me that they get this warning, I simply increase their traffic limit quota a bit to allow uploading/downloading of files amongst all other users. At the end of the month this quota resets, so it is all fine again.

However, today I found that I am not able to increase one of my user's traffic limit quota, the option via admin console is grayed out.
I went ahead and looked through all other users and based on their usage, i lowered their traffic limit quota, in hopes that this would help.
But still that hasnt helped much.

I read through this forum and as I understand, the traffic limit quota is attached to how much Storage is purchased.
But are there any other reasons (maybe technical) as to why we would have this limitation?
I can only think of a few at the moment but just want to make sure thats the case, since I also dont see that documented anywhere.

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