Cloud storage consumption vs. size of files in filesystem

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Cloud storage consumption vs. size of files in filesystem

Postby Detlef Schmuck » 23 Feb 2017, 14:09

The amount of cloud storage used and shown in the TeamDrive app is allways different from the amount a space uses in the file system.

In the file system you have the current files only, in case they are all downloaded (offline available).


On your cloud storage, your account shows:
- all current files
- all previous versions
- all trashed files in the trash of each space until the space admin empties the trash
- all transaction logs
- all space snapshots (enable a fast join)

Given this information you see that there is much more encrypted information in the cloud than in your file system.

Keep in mind that all files get lossless compressed before they are encrypted and send to the cloud. In case you have many office files in your space, they encrypt very well and a new space will use less amount of storage in the cloud as in your file system. This will change over time as you store more versions and all the history information in each space.
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